Best ways to get inspiration PART II; Inspirational Super Stars & Successful People

The best way to get inspired and get amazing energy to do and achieve whatever it is you desire; 

Find successful persons in your field to follow and see how they’ve done what they’ve done and take inspiration, ideas, advice and this amazing energy of success from their lives, success stories, careers and personas.

I will take two examples of hugely successful super stars in entertainment; music and movies, which I myself find very inspirational persons. Why? Well it’s because of the fact that they created their success and super stardom from complete scratch, by themselves against all odds, simply by using their will power, intelligence, skills, passions and endless determination and persistence to make it big. Neither of them would budge at anything else than making it really big. I find that very inspirational, and most certainly, as the best possible advice to anyone wanting to make it big.


Two inspirational superstars; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna.

Both of them wanted to make it really big and become super stars;

Madonna said once that she won’t be happy until she’s as famous as God, amongst some other similar words of wisdom, like “I’m gonna be bigger than Jesus” (this she announced in a tv talkshow). Some of those sentences were obviously meant to be provocative and cause irritation BUT they were also honest truths of how she thought about her possibilities. I think she has succeeded pretty well for what comes to those statements… : )  Sorry about this any religious people – but I think she’s done a pretty amazing job for what comes to those rather bold statements; and I don’t think God or Jesus will mind about that as she’s huge inspiration to anyone!

Arnold on the other hand, just simply declared loudly and proudly to everybody that he’s the best there is, the world’s best in fact, and thus he will become a super star, first at body building, then in the movie industry where he laid his eyes after reaching super stardom in body building. He seemed to have this never ending rock solid belief in himself and how great he was, and a big ego – all which are good things.

So they have had positively big egos; meaning they knew exactly what they wanted and what they were capable of achieving and they knew they were the best and would make it big and they wouldn’t budge at anything less than making it come true.

It’s rare that a person can achieve this kind of success. BUT it’s certainly doable. It’s because the ones who succeed in this way, seem to have this positively big  ego and huge desire, determination and will power to go about and really do it. Anyone CAN have those features, BUT most of the people have somehow muted them completely.

I have read several biographies of Madonna, just finished the newest one, and I’ve read the newest one of Arnold. These biographies have taught a lot, both Madonna’s and Arnold’s.

They are really compelling real life stories about how to create a huge success from zero point, and excellent step by step guidance at  how to really go about and do it. Literally from each page, you can take tips, ideas and advice and read between the lines all kinds of conclusions regarding how to make it big from scratch; what kind of is the success creation process. I actually took lots of notes when reading these books.


What you can learn from Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger that you can use to build your own success story?


If you want to get inspiration and straight to the point tips to creating a huge success from zero point, first of all, read their newest biographies!

That’s the beginning. They’re not only hugely entertaining books, but also 100% ingenious advice for anyone wanting to achieve big things and looking for help and guidance to get started, or, looking for inspiration and motivation to do it!

You will get to know how to make it to the highest top of entertainment world from an ordinary middle class family from the suburban of Detroit (Madonna), or, from an ordinary middle class family living in a tiny Austrian village (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Majority of people can relate to either one of those starting points!


Have endless and rock solid belief in yourself and in your abilities, never ending desire and passion to make it really big and to achieve the massive success you’re seeking with no other options (failure is not an option at any point), are the ground.

You really cannot even get started before establishing these features in yourself.


Know crystal clearly what it is that you desire to achieve , have a plan to do it and stick to it no matter what. Still be willing to make any needed changes to it along the way and continue with it. And be ready to work your ass off literally to proceed and start making your vision come true.

You cannot budge with this at any point, regardless what happens, you just gotta go on to make it come true and find all the possible ways to do it. So the use of your intelligence, creativity and imagination is also must.


Have larger than life desire and passion to make it big and achieve your vision – that’s actually crucially important.

This passion must be so big that it will carry you on endlessly, and regardless of any obstacles that you will face, until you’ve made your vision come true.


Have a positively big ego – meaning that you know 100% that you can do this and that you’re great and excellent and will succeed and make your vision come true. You also need to see yourself as massively successful, and you need to be able to proudly declare this to anyone as a fact. Just like Madonna and Arnold.

Once this is natural to you – a fact of life amongst other facts of life, the rest follows and you will start succeeding.


Use your creativity, imagination and intelligence, and ability to “think outside the box”, to make your vision come true. You have plenty of them – you just got to start using them instead of making excuses like “don’t know how”. You need to just find the solutions, focus on solutions until you do find them, and not budge with this at any point one bit.

It’s a matter of just finding out the solutions to each one of your challenges and problems, one step at a time. This is how you will make your vision come true. It’s about trying as many options as needed until you find ones that will work and then sticking to them all the way. This is the best possible solution focused thinking, and Madonna and Arnold both used this all the way to the top.


Use your biggest passion as a stepping stone, or, go with it all the way. This means that you need to start with something you’re really passionate about to make your vision come true. It needs be something you’re most passionate about, like a special skill or some special feature in you or just anything you have a bigger than life passion for. Get started with it and see where it leads, then either proceed with it all the way to the highest top, or choose some other more desirable option to proceed once reaching the “saturation” level with the first option.

For Madonna it was first modern dancing until it soon developed into a vision of becoming a pop star. Dancing just wasn’t enough for her and she realized soon she couldn’t become as big star as she wanted by doing only dancing. So she got creative and figured out; she would start singing too and would head for becoming world’s most famous female pop star.

For Arnold it was body building for a long time, until he went to highest top of it, got little bored after that as he had no challenges anymore in it, and then changed his passion to Hollywood movies and becoming a super star there, then to politics…


Be prepared to work your ass off, literally. Be prepared to work 24/7 when ever needed! Be prepared to do all it takes to achieve your vision. See this as a “do or die” situation. You’ll either do this and make your vision come true, or you die. No other option. You don’t have any time to wander here and there, the ONLY thing you need to focus on, is making your vision come true. The rest you can forget.

Madonna said that “she can sleep when she’s dead” and this honest statement described perfectly her amazing and never ending working motivation. She did all it took and she stayed up for 24 hrs when ever needed to do / finish something. She didn’t need to sleep, she headed to becoming a super star so that was much more important to her; so she did everything possible to make her vision come true.

Arnold had a pretty similar way to do it; he would be in gyms all day long and work out until he was going to almost faint and many times probably did faint. And this is how he became Mr Universe, the highest top of international body building at that time, for god knows how many times and years a row. After that, he got “bored” as he had achieved it all in body building, so he started using the same working methods in Hollywood movie industry and got to the highest top there as well.


LOVE CHALLENGES! This is a special feature of any super-successful people, also of Madonna and Arnold.

They LOVE challenges; facing any challenges make them work even harder for reaching their goals,  make them even more passionate about success and they get huge motivation and passion just from the fact of solving those challenges and finding a way thru them. So there’s not one tiny moment in their minds that they should give up and come cracking down crying like babies when facing obstacles and challenges, instead they become even more stubborn to succeed and will find a solution to them.



Titanic; Alina’s Story & Why Her Daughter Reminds Of Rose From James Cameron’s Movie

100 Years from Titanic;

Eleanor was the only survivor from Titanic that James Cameron apparently ever met and he thought she reminded of Rose from the movie – She became a celebrity because of this – Eleanor was the only daughter of Alina.

Alina was one of the Finnish immigrants on Titanic, and she was amongst the just 20 of them who survived (whole families of the Finnish immigrants perished there, amongst them was the family of the most famous baby victim of Titanic – although now it’s thought this unknown baby was of English family’s).

I will write about her amazing survival story. She was one of the lucky ones to get onto the 2. last lifeboat of Titanic.

First of all I gotta say that since being a kid, I’ve been hugely, passionately interested in everything about Titanic. (There is one reason for that and I will write about it at the end of this article.)

I haven’t met any of the survivors or the relatives of the survivors BUT a fact is that a couple of the survivors from Titanic lived in the very same area I live in.

So years ago when I was in junior high and prepared my 1 hr presentation on the Titanic disaster, I had a chance to meet with one of them (I should only had to give him a call to arrange it), but being too young gave up on that.  Can you believe the reason; it was that I knew this person was Swedish speaking and I was Finnish speaking young girl who thought she could not speak a couple of words in Swedish.. I can say that I’ve regretted that once-in-a-life-time-chance BIG time, as of course it’s years now since this person has passed away.. But I can’t do anything about it anymore. After Millvina Dean’s death on 31st May 2009, there’s none left of the Titanic’s survivors. She was the last of them.

BUT.. Let’s get into Alina’s story!

Alina Backberg from Helsinki was a young woman, 27 years old, with two small children as she stepped onboard Titanic. Before stepping onboard the ship, there was a souvenir photo taken of her with text “White Star Line. The Titanic Souvenir Photo.” in its lower left corner. A beautiful and serious faced young woman looks at somewhere distant in that photo. Alina with her children became one of the “unknown Finnish” on the ship as their names weren’t in the passenger lists to be found.

Alina was visiting her family in Finland from USA for a few months before heading back to the States. She and the 4 and 2 year old kids, Harold and Eleanor, and two Swedish young women travelled together to Southampton to get onboard some steamship only to discover that, because of the coal mine strike, their ship wasn’t about to leave at all.

So they were transferred to the new and glamorous Titanic instead.  She got the souvenir photos taken of her and the kids before stepping onboard the ship.

Alina, kids and Swedish Elin and Helmina got a 3. class cabin from the back part of the ship. Apparently they had good times onboard as Alina befriended with Elin, they had fun time together throughout the journey and the women got lot of attention from one of the stewards working in the 3. class. This man became their savior on the night Titanic sunk.

On the night between 14th and 15th of April, approximately 11.40 PM Titanic crashed to the iceberg from its right side, about 30 seconds after Frederick Fleet had shouted the famous words from the viewing tower “Iceberg straight ahead!” They tried to turn the ship desperately but there was nothing to be done to prevent the crash.

(In fact, this is where they did a fatal mistake – should they have let the ship crash to the iceberg directly, it probably would have prevented the disaster and such a big loss of life as it would have given more time to save passengers to the other ships).

Alina, Elin, Helmina and the kids woke up to the crash and it was so severe that Alina’s older child Harold dropped from his bed. Alina and Helmina went quickly to the nearest outer deck to see what’s going on.

They noticed lots of big ice floes there and started playing with them and kicking them to each others like they would have been footballs.

Some members of the crew came there and told the women to get back to their cabins as the ship would soon continue its journey. So they did obediently.

However, the young steward who had a crush on Alina later rushed to their cabin and told everyone to put on warm clothes and the lifejackets and then guided them outside safely. At this time there were already lots of people being trapped behind locked doors and gateways in 3. class, and lots of other people there who just didn’t know how the get out of there, and the ship was careening and  sinking fast and water coming in with full force. But Alina’s, kids’ and her Swedish friends’ savior guided them out from this trap safely as he had the needed keys to the locked gateways.

Harold said at the premier of “A Night To Remember” in 1958 that “They didn’t let us go to the upper decks as the crew of the ship just tried to save the 1. class passengers. 1. class passengers were more important than us.”

They were in such a rush that they couldn’t take much of anything with them and Alina didn’t even manage to put on shoes to Eleanor.

On the site where the final lifeboats were, there was already a huge panic. People, also men, were trying to jump in with full force while the crew members tried to stop them and ended up putting down boats that could’ve taken much more people in.

Alina with the kids were directed to the 2. last boat, boat number 15. Alina was already there and the boat was ready to be put down when Eleanor was given to her in some kind of bundle. Eleanor said she remembered how she was given to her mom and how all those hands were reaching her from the boat to ensure she got there safely. She also remembered hearing loud screaming and shouting and crying from everywhere around her, everyone was screaming and crying. She cried and was scared.

Elin had Harold and she stood on the side and was so shocked she wasn’t able to function at all. Alina shouted at Elin to give Harold to her but it seemed that she wasn’t able to do anything being so shocked. The boat was already being lowered at the time. Alina panicked and started screaming of her son. Then one of the crew members standing there snapped the little boy from the frozen Elin and tossed him to Alina onto the boat.

This was the final time Alina ever saw Elin. Helmina on the other hand was saved, to the boat number 13.

Alina’s boat was completely full as the panic was already out of hands and everyone knew, and the crew, that there was nothing to be done anymore and that the ship was going to sink very soon. Only one boat was left after it. Alina’s boat was lowered in so big rush that it almost crashed the previous boat, boat number 13, under it. Boat number 13 and all its passengers were saved at the final second when the ropes were managed to cut and boat slipped fast away from under Alina’s boat.

The temperature was nearly at 0 Celsius and there was water in the boat and everyone was frozen. They tried to get further away from the sinking place being scared the sinking boat would take their boat too into its swirl. I don’t know if they saw the actual sinking, how the lights went off and how the ship cut from the middle and the rear went up before sinking, but they must have heard the massive rumble like voice when it went down and the screaming of all the 100’s of people in the water. They were on the boat about 5 hours before Carpathia arrived and rescued them.

Carpathia arrived to NYC on 18th of April with 705 survivors from Titanic. Alina’s husband Oscar who lived in Saint Charles was desperately waiting for the news about his family. Alina and the kids weren’t listed as survivors on the first listing. But finally on 18th of April, the day she and the kids arrived to NYC, he heard the news that made him literally fall down; they all had been saved.

So Alina continued her life in the States with her family. Eleanor grew up, got married and had a son. They all lived to see how big legend Titanic grew up to be throughout the world. Alina, Eleanor and Harold were honor guests at the premier of “A Night To Remember” in 1958 in Chicago. Eleanor became pretty famous as she was a survivor from Titanic and people used to call her just to be able to talk to someone who had been there and survived it.

Like her mom, Eleanor too developed a huge fear toward sea. The first time she saw sea water after the Titanic disaster, was in 1994 when she visited Florida at her son’s home.

In 1996 Eleanor and her family was invited to a special cruise to the sinking place of Titanic. On the sinking place, there was a memorial service held. Eleanor had an old red pennant from White Star Line and it was put to the mast of the ship. The cruise was ghostly, her son described back then.

Those souvenir photos taken before stepping onboard Titanic, Alina’s and Eleanor’s, were sold at Christie’s auction in 2007 June.

Eleanor passed away in 1998 March. Alina passed away in 1968 December, the same year as her son Harold.


James Cameron gave Eleanor a royal welcome and treatment at the premier of Titanic in 1997

In the beginning of his master piece movie “Titanic”, old Rose returns to the sinking site in a cruise with her family members. Alina’s daughter’s Eleanor Shuman’s cruise was pretty much the same with the one Rose had in the movie.

This made James Cameron to think how much Eleanor resembled of Rose.

So he invited Eleanor – “Rose” –  to the premier of “Titanic” in Chicago, 1997. They posed together on the red carpet. Cameron gave a royal welcome to Eleanor and treated her like a queen throughout the premier and the party afterwards. Eleanor was apparently the only survivor from Titanic Cameron ever met.

Eleanor loved the movie and watched it several times. Each time she cried. After the Titanic movie premiered and the Titanic “ecstasy” began, Eleanor became a celebrity. She even had to change her phone number as she got so many phone calls daily from people who wanted to talk about Titanic with her, or just hear the voice of a person who had been there.


So this ends up my article on Alina and Eleanor…

Oh, I remember that I said there’s one reason why I’m so passionately interested in Titanic and have been since being a kid.

It is mostly because of the sinking of a cruise ship Estonia in 1994 September here in Scandinavia – in the tiny Baltic Sea between Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

About 900 people perished into that frigid sea on that stormy night and only a little over 100 survived as the cruise ship sunk so fast, in only about 30 minutes it turned upside down and sunk.

The rescue operations failed at some extent totally, as it was all so fast and totally unexpected. Because of this, most of the people that managed somehow to get to the lifeboats were frozen to death.

And, the main reason was simply that no one thought this kind of disaster would ever happen to a modern cruise ship – at least not in here, in Scandinavia, where everything is all so modern and well-taken-care-off.

However unlike on Titanic, most of the survivors were young males at their best age and also young women, and many of the perished were just women and especially kids and older people. There was the “Law Of Jungle” on Estonia that night, and all the polite rules like on Titanic “women and children first,” were forgotten totally. You couldn’t survive from Estonia if you wasn’t fit for it mentally and physically, as you had only 30 minutes time to survive when the large ship ultimately went upside down and sunk.

It was a huge news here back then – every tv channel and newspaper was filled with it for days and weeks. Probably one of the biggest reasons for this huge on-going newsworthy, was the fact that here in Scandinavia it’s been a tradition for like forever, to go to relax and party to these cruise ships – mostly these ships have these type of travellers. The other type of travellers are the business travellers – but also the business travellers love to relax and party while onboard the cruise ships.

It was “luck” in a sense that the accident happened during the week, instead of a weekend, as should it have happened during the weekend, the death toll would probably have been double when the ship would have been full – now it was only half full.

I will remember that beautiful fall day, 28th of September 1994 like forever – It  was a perfectly beautiful fall day. Sun was shining from a clear blue  beautiful sky, the air was fresh and cold. It was really windy, almost stormy windy. I was at school, then went to the hair dresser’s where I heard the first strange news from the radio that something massive had happened nearby coastline of Finland but I remember that me and the hair dresser just didn’t quite figure out what yet. Went back to school… And then home.. My mom was at home, but also hadn’t heard anything as she hadn’t watched or heard the news. But then me and my mom just happened to open the tv and heard the terrible news. It was really terrible I remember, as it was so beautiful windy fall day then.

I was on Estonia as well some time before it sunk – it was a really nice cruise ship and very fun cruise, I remember how much fun we had there. I was there with my father, younger brother and a school friend of mine.

So on 28th of September 1994, the relaxation, sleep, and partying for somebody, was stopped literally in about couple of minutes in the midnight because of the big storm and the human errors the crew and the captain made.

There were actually TWO captains onboard that night. One of them was in charge of the ship and the other one was a traveller. Both of them disappeared.

Although the other one of them, the travelling captain, was claimed to be seen in a German news video clip shortly after the sinking. Even his close  family members, like his wife for one, were sure the man in that video was him. BUT the man in the video clip was never found or located regardless of the investigation, nor did he ever contact the authorities or his family. I saw that particular news clip too back then several times, like did probably many of us here in Scandinavia, and, yeah that man sure did remind  a lot of that particular 2. captain. He was wrapped into blankets in that video and going into an ambulance amongst a couple of other survivors, BUT,  the authorities, police and such, and nor the family of his, never located that particular man, and, he never contacted them. HMMM..

So this mysterious man was just one of the reasons why the conspiracy theories got so strong throughout the years, amongst some other strange events that may or may not have happened in Estonia that night. But now, this video clip and the man in it, and the other strange events on that night,  have been somehow forgotten totally. So…. Don’t know what to think about it all really.

Anyway, because of those fatal mistakes the crew made in the evening and night between 27th-28th of september – they drove the ship full speed ahead although there was a big storm then –  on the night of 28th of september 1994, about 1.50 AM, the ship sunk, after turning apperantly upside down. It all happened in about 30 minutes after the ship was striken by the sudden loss of its front gates – which happened little after 1 AM, about 1.15 AM.

The crew contacted the other ships nearby to ask for help and to send the SOS, after hearing and feeling the massive “rumble like” noice from losing the front gates of the ship, after 1.15 AM, and, after realizing water was coming in with full force to the car deck. They were all polite and calm and didn’t sound like panicking at all. I’ve heard that audio clip several times; they were truly really like “Good evening, this is Estonia, we’re facing some troubles, can you come and help us a little… ” typely calm yet at that point. Just little later, a few minutes later, that particular audio got more panicky as they obviously realized what was going to happen inevitably and that they didn’t have any more time left.

Some of the survivors decribed how they saw the ship and its lights from the lifeboats, and how the lights went finally off and how they saw the ship turn upside down and go under the water. Like the Titanic survivors in a sense.

Some of the survivors told how they had been standing on top of the bottom of the ship while it was floating upside down shortly before it went down. The last photos of Estonia were actually taken at that precise moment by these couple of people standing on top of the ship’s bottom, and you can see the upside down ship from those photos that were published by the media and these persons too standing on top of the bottom with their lifejackets.  They happened to have cameras with them for some reason, AND they used the cameras’ flash lights to shed light on to where they were and how they could reach the nearest lifeboats. And they did manage to survive.

There were all these theories about a conspiracy behind the sinking of Estonia – and I don’t really wonder why as that strange video clip is just one of those strange things attached with this sinking. But –  at the end, I think, and so do majority of the people in Scandinavia nowadays, that it was a sad human error only. They, for some reason, drove the ship full speed ahead in that stormy sea with even 10 meter waves, ’till it broke up and sunk fast. This was testified by other large passenger cruise ships nearby which saw how fast Estonia went compared to them.

So in that sense it was similar to Titanic. They too made a terrible human error back then that cost the lives of over 1500 people.

I was a kid back then but that disaster completely changed my mindset and view on things permanently. I somehow became so much more spiritual and mental, and also kinda mystical, since that accident, and started seeing things from that new point of view.

Let’s say I started slowly realizing what life’s all about, I realized how much power and mysteries there are around us and how to view things and think about things in another way, from another point of view; from a more spiritual and mystical point of view. I realized there are all these unknown, powerful layers in our lives that we can use both to our advantage and disadvantage. I started thinking about things deeply in general. And I remember how my friends didn’t quite get this  – we were just kids so they thought this was just “another ship sinking” or something, although we hadn’t had similar catastrophies here in Scandinavia like Estonia, since some world war, and maybe even not then ( at least I don’t know any this large ship that would’ve sunk back then).

I started actively searching for meaning in life and just searching for whatever.. It was kinda a mental and spiritual wake up – luckily I got it at a really young age so that started forming my life from there on.

I didn’t know personally anyone that would’ve been on Estonia, but my class mate’s, and friend’s, friend died there, a same aged kid as we were, and they never found her so that was obviously shocking.

Anyways, I guess I’m telling you with this that these kinds of disasters can teach us so much. And the survivor stories are amazing stories of will power and will to LIVE and get thru it no matter what. Also the mental wake up that can happen as the result of these kinds of events can be very powerful and meaningful. It will literally open whole new doors  and gateways to new opportunities and  whole new universes within universe to you that would never come to exist unless you had experienced that wake up. And unless you had opened your mind completely to all the opportunities and mysteries around us everywhere and learned to see yourself, others and the life from more mental, spiritual point of view. That new point of view sure does work! So I would suggest anyone to try it and open your mind to the mysteries and unlimited power of life around you!