7 Best Beauty Tips…

Ladies…! The best 7 beauty tips in the world;

1.      Be stunningly beautiful by being natural. So try the natural looks!

The key here is that you add the below listed make up only slightly to make it very natural, yet still extremely delicious and stunning looks….

>> Use only lightly foundation that slightly adds sun touched color to your skin and makes it smooth and add some sun powder to your cheek bones, near your hair line and chin. You can also add very lightly some golden colored powder (or eye shadow what I sometimes do) to your cheek bones and nose (if you have the kind of nose you want to highlight).

>> Let your eye brows grow thicker and natural, and only slightly pluck off “the wild ones”. Darken your eye brows a little by following their natural lines and use eye brow lack to “glue” them to stay foot. Or have them dyed in your cosmetologist to be the darkest possible that suits your skin and hair. Best eye brows are little thicker, and their color is as dark as it can be to match perfectly with your skin and hair.

>> Put light or golden colored eye shadow on your upper lid and optionally add fine line there either with dark brown, dark blue or black eye liner or smoother line with dark eye shadow. Or use products that will highlight your lids, like Radiant Touch from YSL. Also put this eye shadow as a thin line just below your eyes. In overall this looks will make your eyes brighter and especially if you’re tired, this will do wonders.

If you have blue eyes and want to highlight them, do it so by putting on your upper lid golden apricot or golden peach colored shimmering eye shadow. These colors will highlight effectively blue eyes.

>> Finally add some mascara carefully that will lengthen and thicken your lashes. But please DON’T create those freakin’ horrible fly’s legs! Or use loose fake lashes that you will put there one by one, or for more lasting results – have lash extensions done so your lashes will look thick and long for several weeks – stunning and natural. This alone united with some highlighting color on your lids will do the stunning, yet natural effect.

>> Add strawberry, peach or raspberry colored bright lip gloss.

>> And let your hair run down freely and wildly – maybe curl them a little.

>> Also add some light, fresh eau de toilette or perfume.

>> To always have a natural, stunning look – also when you wake up first thing in the morning – remember to have your eye brows and lashes dyed every 1-2 weeks.

2.      Be happy inside and it will literally change the way you look (along with your whole life too!). Here’s how;

Yep – along with drinking about 8 glasses of water daily, eating healthily and exercising regularly – simply smiling often daily and being joyful, inspired, grateful, energetic and happy inside and feeling successful will instantly not only lift your mood and energy levels, but make you literally LOOK BETTER and BE HEALTHIER.

>> How? Well your happy energy literally goes inside your cells and genes and recreates them – and thus recreates your whole body  and  makes it function better. And when it functions better, you look better and you are healthier. This is how it will show up; your skin gets healthier, more fresh and young looking, smoother and more glowing, your nails and hair get healthier and your hair can actually grow faster and get thicker, your eye whites are brighter and in overall you get more attractive, glowing and healthier. Your posture gets better too and you start looking like the winner you are! The inside glow will make you glow outside too and THAT is what makes you suddenly 100 times more attractive than you would be if being miserable or depressed. Suddenly you start turning heads like no other…….. And you wonder what happened… Well this is what happened.

>> Try a happy, joyful, successful diet starting from today and at least for 1-2 weeks; make conscious effort to stay happy no matter what. You will already see visible results after this time, guaranteed. Make it last for 1-2 months – and you see much more of those results. Make it lifetime – and your whole life changes along with you looking amazing and attractive and being healthy. Your skin starts to glow (vs being grey and lifeless), your nails and hair starts to grow faster, your hair gets healthier, stronger and thicker and your organs function better, your metabolism works better, your body cleanses from inside, you feel healthy and you ARE healthy.

3.      Forget the war paintings!

ONLY when you’re going out to party and wanna stun everybody in the glam darkness of the club and in the city lights.. You can use heavy make up. BUT when using it – use it stylishly and forget those war paintings!

>> Either focus on your eyes OR on your lips if using heavy make up and dark and/or strong colors.

Create a strong, dark eye make up and let your lips be more natural. OR use a light eye make up, very natural make up look, and then create bright red or pink, luscious glossy lips.

>> Or if you wanna focus on both – do the more natural “glamorous and sexy” looks by adding some stronger make up steadily but not too heavily to eye brows, eyes and lips.

4.      Be sexy, glam and stylish by either wearing little in the upper part of your body and more in the lower body, OR, by wearing more in the upper part and very little in the lower part of your body!

There’s only ONE exception with this rule; it’s if you’re wearing a super sexy designer mini dress like  Versace or Marchesa as they really can break this rule by simply being so glamorous.

Other than that never make the mistake of wearing very little in the upper part of your body and very little in the lower part of your body, unless your wearing a bikini / shorts and going to the beach… Or unless pleasing your man with some smokin hot sexy lingerie…

For example if you wear tiny little glimmering top that shows your whole back  – mix it with skinny jeans instead of as tiny little skirt.

If you wear a mini dress that barely hides your bottom, then make sure it covers more of your upper body – so then don’t show that cleavage…. Gorgeous, glamorous, super sexy mini dresses for example from designers such as Versace or Marchesa will make that exception to this rule…

5.      Cleanse your body by eating healthily;

Drink lots of water daily, eat lots of fruits, berries and vegetables – eat salads (without mayonnaise). Eat also some parsley daily, you’ll get iron from it. Eat nuts and almonds. Eat natural low fat milk products like natural yoghurt. Eat dark (or at least quite dark) whole grain bread. Eat oat products like bread or porridge. Eat chicken so that you get good proteins. Eat oily fish like salmon. Eat soy products. Eat food that has some olive oil in it, or simply put some in your salad. Have these spices regularly; curry, herbs and cinnamon, they’re health boosters. Eat some dark chocolate….

Have all of these regularly, meaning at least some of them daily! (have cinnamon, curry, soy, fish and chicken many times weekly!) And with these alone you’re good to go!

6.      AND – OF COURSE exercise regularly each week;

Do both tough intense cardio workouts and gym workouts with as heavy weights as you can, 3-4 times per week both.

7.      NEVER ever try too hard with your looks! Also do NOT unite too many details or too much colors in one outfit, PLEASE. That will make you look ridiculous, I can guarantee that. The harder you try with your looks and the more cleaver you try to be, the worse you’re gonna look like.

Please don’t try the Lady Gaga looks, it’s for shows only..

Here’s the one and only thing that you will ever need and it will guarantee you will always succeed with your looks;

Learn the unbeatable inner sense of style and fashion. Once you master it, you are going to be able to look perfect in any occasion always. You are going to master by studying fashion magazines and websites and most of all by studying the most beautiful, stylish, successful people around you and how they dress up, what’s their overall style. Then you will need form your own entity and fashion and style sense by choosing things you love the most and what make you feel good and confident.

When you’re beautiful, smart, happy, self-confident, treat others with respect AND got great business sense….  You can’t lose – you will succeed!


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