Best ways to get inspiration PART I; 8 Inspirational Destinations

The best two ways to get inspired and get amazing energy to do whatever it is you want – Part I ; 

1. Find inspiring, amazing places and destinations to go for some days or for a week or two to relax and charge your batteries, or, at least read about them and watch images of them – like from this website. 🙂

2. Find inspirational, successful persons in your field to follow and see how they’ve done what they’ve done and take inspiration, ideas, advice and this amazing energy of success from their lives, success stories, careers and personas.

I use these two methods myself whenever I need inspiration to go about and get something important done but when it feels somehow tough to get it done, or to get ideas for something important – or better – to get STARTED in taking action with something very important. The sheer energy, images and ideas you get from doing this “mental battery charging” are amazing and just really powerful.

When you read about some gorgeous destinations or watch documents about them and really get absorbed in them.. You will get this inspirational energy that you can almost see yourself there in that destination, enjoying your time, feeling amazing, feeling like you could do anything right now as it just feels so good to be there, feeling successful, relaxed, energized…

AND – when having this feeling – called inspiration –  you also have the most fruitful ground for creating amazing work, coming up with excellent ideas and solutions and proceeding successfully with your plans, goals and projects both in business/personal lives.

This is a little mind trip to somewhere else, somewhere inspiring and adventurous, a little change in your routines, something different, and something exciting feeling, something that makes you feel really good, or better yet, totally great, when just imagining it for a while.

And that’s why it brings you inspiration and opens your mind to new thought patterns, ideas and ways to solve things and create solutions.

So try this when you’re stuck with something and seem to not just get it done or get it solved! You open your mind and unleash the “stuck” ideas, creativity  and solutions from there by doing this. If you’ve got a moment when you should really do something important but just can’t get it done – try this and you will see what I mean! Even though this may not have anything to do with whatever it is you want to successfully do and achieve, it will give you inspiration and energy like no other.

VS if you just continue to sit by your desk, try to get something done even if you can’t get it done and continue to bang your head against the wall so to speak.

Even better idea is to go to some inspirational fantastic destination and spend some time there if you can do it, either with good company or by yourself; relax, charge your batteries, explore the surroundings, just do nothing but enjoy your time. AND, if you go there to become more creative and productive in your work, do some mindwork there; think, meditate, do plans, notes, free-write often your thoughts down, write about your ideas, just write about anything you want. When you’re in a different place than usually where your mind can rest and be relaxed little more than usually and you can feel good and inspired and forget your daily routines for a little while – you are going to come up with some excellent ideas, plans and mind maps – and just whatever type of writings. Most often just being surrounded by magnificent nature and views is all it takes to open your mind and become more creative and productive.

Let’s take a look at some of the most awesome destinations in the world to really get inspired….

Some magnificent adventures united with true beauty of nature

Check out these awesome places.

A camping adventure for a couple of days in Yoho national park.

Places like Yoho national park in British Colombia, Rocky Mountains, Canada, are those kinds of places that every one should visit for an adventurous little trip  at least once in a lifetime.

And yep, although I’m not exactly experienced with tent camping nor a big fan of it… Well in absolutely fabulous places like this, and with good company, even a person like me (or you if you feel the same way) will have totally magnificent, awesome time.

One important thing though is to choose a day when you’ll have great weather to have this outside wild nature adventure..

Imagine being here with good company, in nice warm weather in early evening by the emerald colored crystal lake, having a romantic campfire and a nice homy tent and your own little adventure in the wildness by just the two of you…

 Emerald Lake Lodge

Now if you aren’t ready for camping trip – how about trying this wonderful place in middle of Emerald Lake and mountains, a true escape of modern life. Emerald Lake Lodge offers wilderness, luxury and exclusive taste. You can stay in one of cabin style buildings in midst of gorgeous nature or pamper yourself in one of Lodge’s luxurious guest rooms with mountain or lake views. From your terrace you can literally step into the gorgeous wilderness. The best thing is that should you need some business service too, you’ll get them. You’ll be able to arrange 5-star business meetings here.


Jungle adventure in Madagascar rain forests and untouched beaches

This world’s fourth biggest island is the green jewel of Indian Ocean.. It’s like no other place in the planet. Have a unique jungle adventure for example in Perinet conservation area; see monkeys and lots of other wild animals and rare flora and fauna, go to the tropical jungle and then rest in the golden wild beach with no one else around….

I originally discovered Madagascar’s exotic nature after reading this one romantic book from Nora Roberts, called “Hot Ice” where a rich and beautiful socialite and a good-looking thief ended up on Madagascar having villains chasing them from all over the island and its jungle…. So who else would love to have one amazing jungle adventure in this gorgeous island…?

Please note; Madagascar needs protection!
Its flora and fauna is unique and rare and much needed in our planet. It can be considered as one of the lungs of the planet. Unfortunately especially the jungle is vanishing and the unique fauna with it. The island needs protection. So if looking for any nature conservation areas to support – this would definitely be one destination to consider.


Remember the movie “Blue Lagoon”?

Would you like to have some similar experiences in midst of the most beautiful wild nature there is in our planet…?

Go to uninhabited little paradise island with your loved one and stay there for 1-2 days or more if you want, and just enjoy the nature…..

Ok, so this is the ultimate tropical adventure. Choose the island and take care of the needed documents and permissions that you can go there – maybe you wanna rent some island, go to some nearest travel destination to start this adventure, have your loved one with you (preferably – as it couldn’t get much more romantic as this one…), choose all the needed stuff for 1-2 days and nights stay in the chosen uninhabited paradise island, rent a motor boat, speed boat or yacht and finally have some one to bring you to the island and then get you out of there after a day or two (or whatever time you want…) Or if possible, anchor your boat/yacht there, or very nearby the coast of the island.

And then… Well spend some amazingly romantic time in this hide-away island in Robinson Crusoe style full of adventures, explorations to the surroundings, gorgeous nature, swimming, sun, beaches, campfire dinners under dark star sky, love and sex….

Can you find an island like this, suitable for this adventure?
Yes – for example from these areas you can find uninhabited little paradise islands to choose from:

Thailand and  conservation area’s islands
Karibbean and coast of Southern America
Polynesian islands
Papua New Guinea islands


Robinson Crusoe type of luxurious adventure in paradise….

Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam – Evason Hideaway & Six Senses

This magnificent destination is a true hide-away and escape from any daily routines. It locates in a far away cape that can be only reached by a boat and is surrounded by lush tropics, magnificent rocks and white sand.

Naturally the hotel itself is pure luxury. All the buildings it has (mostly private villas) are made using a mixture of modern and traditional Vietnamise architecture. So for example to all western people, that alone makes those little villas so special.

It consists of 53 gorgeous little villas which are each built on their own little hills and coves.. They have their own pools and sunset docks. I think this could be the ultimate hide away place for anybody, but best for lovers. However, if you’re alone and all you want is privacy, quiet surroundings and gorgeous nature with luxury living, to have a perfect relaxation for a few days – this would be your choice as well.

Talk about luxurious Robinson Crusoe adventure…


How about a luxurious safari adventure in Southern Africa’s wild nature?

Marakele National Park, South Africa, Marataba Safari Hotel 

Omg…. If this isn’t the birth place of human race and probably all the rest of the species in our planet as well, then nothing is….. When you are here absorbing this amazing view and atmosphere, you will forget everything else.

Marataba Safari is a romantic hide away in midst of Southern Africa’s unique and untouchable nature, it’s like a dream world where you will forget your earthly things….  The quests stay in tent like small luxury buildings, truly in middle of the nature and in complete privacy.

There’s nothing traditional in this hotel as it’s has lots of fabric-made, yet very luxurious “buildings”, like tents in a sense, inside  stone-made walls. There’s lots of stone and woods in the architecture matching perfectly with the surrounding African wilderness and its colors.

You’ll have your own private balconies facing the mountains and nature. You can enjoy late-night bonfire dinners with wine and champagne. Then you will unite this with all the safari trips and jeep driving into the surrounding nature….And you will see lots of wild animals and stunning nature there.

Yes, worth of consideration when you’re thinking of safaries….

Canoeing nearby Tahiti; One Tahiti adventure by Van Halen solist David Lee Roth….

I just read that about 20 years ago Van Halen solist David Lee Roth had this one amazing adventure trip for one month in Tahiti and all those little islands there; He spend the month canoeing from one little island to another nearby Tahiti on the Pacific Ocean. Everything he needed was backpacked with him… The meaning was to forget the every-day life and modern world for 4 weeks and just be in the nature. But still move constantly from one place to another and have an exciting, challenging adventure, thus canoeing would be perfect option.

If you’re up for this kind of “native” adventure and can pack your belongings to a backpack and enjoy in the simplest forms the untouched beauty of nature – this would be ideal place to let go of some steam and get inspiration.


Andalucia, Southern Spain; Marbella, Ronda, Sierra Nevada and country side

Andalucia and its coast Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain are jewels if you love gorgeous beaches (meaning the secluded amazing natural beaches of the coast, not the tourist beaches),  beautiful country side, mountains, white little mountain villages and roads weaving in between the rocky, grey mountains and lush green hills, AND, if you want to unite this to a glam atmosphere and tasteful luxury of Marbella.

BUT – you got to forget about the tourist traps of the coast; the only place to stay is Marbella, the third best jet set city of Southern Europe after Saint Tropez and Nice in France. You can rent a private villa on the mountains or coastline of Marbella, or book a gorgeous 5-star hotel suite or bungalow there. And from there you need to get started in your Andalucian Adventure…

The best places to go from Marbella are by car; 

– A road trip thru Sierra Blanca mountains – gorgeous round, rocky mountains – to Ronda which is an ancient, small city in midst of Andalucian country side and mountains having arabic style in its architecture. The views to and from Ronda are amazing. After Ronda you can continue your mountain tour and will reach rocky highlands  – this place is right after Ronda when you head north from there. It’s awesome – little bit like you was in moon or something (not that I’ve been to moon but I could imagine it could look something like this), most amazing moment to be in these highlands is right before sunset. And after that you will soon reach the untouched, lushous, green high hills in middle of nowhere. There’s nothing there except gorgeous nature. There might be some secluded luxury villas here and there, each on top of their own hill, literally in middle of nowhere. Talk about inspirational place to stay for a few days! Then you can head back to coast.

– A trip to Andalucian countryside from south of Marbella; you can see hills and fields for as long as you can look, and secluded farms called “fincas” here and there. (You can rent your own finca as well.) You can continue your tour thru the Sierra Blanca mountains and reach the  “hidden” white mountain villages and and the turquoise lakes and their lonely golden beaches in between the mountains. Gorgeous way to spend your day. But super hot during mid summer – a lot hotter than by the coast.

– A trip to gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountains driving from Marbella to Malaga and from there to ancient city of Granada at the “gate” of the Sierra Nevada, and then heading straight toward the high mountains. I think Sierra Nevada mountains are one of most beautiful place in Europe right after Alps. You can drive in middle of nowhere (but the roads are good), see the amazing views, high mountains and gorgeous wild nature and the tiny little mountain villages. You could easily spend a couple of days in this trip. In winter time you can ski here, there is an excellent skiing resort and little 5- star holiday city which is lively during skiing season but uninhabited during off season.


An adventure to experience whenever you have the time and desire;

The next time you have a day or two and nothing special to do and the weather is great – how about taking your friend/loved one/date with you and going to your favorite nature destination in your local area or anywhere farther away when you have the time and desire to go for a quick trip..? Somewhere in the wilderness if possible or to some amazing, secluded natural beach… Take some good food, champagne or wine, warm clothing and everything needed for a night’s or two camping in the wilderness, and some adventurous spirit as well.

Go hiking in your chosen area, and choose the camping place from some really gorgeous location there.

Then make good camping dinner with bonfire and have few glasses of champagne or wine and enjoy the  evening as it gets dark…. Tell ghost stories and have fun….

I did this once and boy was it just scary…..!! I mean yeah, you really can stir up some adrenalin with this…..But when with good company, it gets quite cozy and really romantic and safe regardless of ghost stories and all kinds of “higher” mental talks….


Special  Little Extra Idea; For adventurous minds this little experiment will work wonders – actually it will start creating some unexpected “miracles” and  “magical” seeming luck to your life in addition to adventures (but there’s a reason for that and it’s no magic… read on to find out more);

Say to yourself each morning “I believe something miraculous will happen to me today”. Keep saying this each morning and have fun with this experiment and most of all, truly BELIEVE in this sentence you say to yourself and EXPECT automatically that all kinds of miraculous things will come on your way daily.

I promise that within a few days  to a week those miraculous things will start to come around and happen – and some of them might be something that you couldn’t even imagine first….. They can be some really good ideas, sudden innovations or “aha” moments, solutions to something important, coincidences, unexpected opportunities and possiblities, some amazing little things that just happen, amazingly good luck…. Anything good and “miraculous” in your opinion pretty much. This is one way to find not only adventures – but to start attracting good luck, good solutions and success in whatever you do.

The thing is that when you wake up and start expecting something miraculous from that moment with this child-like amazement and open mind, it won’t take more than a few hours to a few days that all kinds of “miraculous” little things start to just happen…. It’s because you expect experiences like this. They can be all kinds of things, small or bigger and they will match perfectly with your await for “miraculous” things, they will be something personally meaningful to you.

This is actually no magic or nothing strange in a sense – instead it’s just you becoming more open minded and SEEING and REALIZING more things around you; and as you expect something miraculous, you will see and realize more of these kinds of things around you. This is because you expect them and thus open your mind more toward seeing them. It’s how our minds work. Whatever you expect deep down is what you start experiencing more.



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