Best ways to get inspiration PART II; Inspirational Super Stars & Successful People

The best way to get inspired and get amazing energy to do and achieve whatever it is you desire; 

Find successful persons in your field to follow and see how they’ve done what they’ve done and take inspiration, ideas, advice and this amazing energy of success from their lives, success stories, careers and personas.

I will take two examples of hugely successful super stars in entertainment; music and movies, which I myself find very inspirational persons. Why? Well it’s because of the fact that they created their success and super stardom from complete scratch, by themselves against all odds, simply by using their will power, intelligence, skills, passions and endless determination and persistence to make it big. Neither of them would budge at anything else than making it really big. I find that very inspirational, and most certainly, as the best possible advice to anyone wanting to make it big.


Two inspirational superstars; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna.

Both of them wanted to make it really big and become super stars;

Madonna said once that she won’t be happy until she’s as famous as God, amongst some other similar words of wisdom, like “I’m gonna be bigger than Jesus” (this she announced in a tv talkshow). Some of those sentences were obviously meant to be provocative and cause irritation BUT they were also honest truths of how she thought about her possibilities. I think she has succeeded pretty well for what comes to those statements… : )  Sorry about this any religious people – but I think she’s done a pretty amazing job for what comes to those rather bold statements; and I don’t think God or Jesus will mind about that as she’s huge inspiration to anyone!

Arnold on the other hand, just simply declared loudly and proudly to everybody that he’s the best there is, the world’s best in fact, and thus he will become a super star, first at body building, then in the movie industry where he laid his eyes after reaching super stardom in body building. He seemed to have this never ending rock solid belief in himself and how great he was, and a big ego – all which are good things.

So they have had positively big egos; meaning they knew exactly what they wanted and what they were capable of achieving and they knew they were the best and would make it big and they wouldn’t budge at anything less than making it come true.

It’s rare that a person can achieve this kind of success. BUT it’s certainly doable. It’s because the ones who succeed in this way, seem to have this positively big  ego and huge desire, determination and will power to go about and really do it. Anyone CAN have those features, BUT most of the people have somehow muted them completely.

I have read several biographies of Madonna, just finished the newest one, and I’ve read the newest one of Arnold. These biographies have taught a lot, both Madonna’s and Arnold’s.

They are really compelling real life stories about how to create a huge success from zero point, and excellent step by step guidance at  how to really go about and do it. Literally from each page, you can take tips, ideas and advice and read between the lines all kinds of conclusions regarding how to make it big from scratch; what kind of is the success creation process. I actually took lots of notes when reading these books.


What you can learn from Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger that you can use to build your own success story?


If you want to get inspiration and straight to the point tips to creating a huge success from zero point, first of all, read their newest biographies!

That’s the beginning. They’re not only hugely entertaining books, but also 100% ingenious advice for anyone wanting to achieve big things and looking for help and guidance to get started, or, looking for inspiration and motivation to do it!

You will get to know how to make it to the highest top of entertainment world from an ordinary middle class family from the suburban of Detroit (Madonna), or, from an ordinary middle class family living in a tiny Austrian village (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Majority of people can relate to either one of those starting points!


Have endless and rock solid belief in yourself and in your abilities, never ending desire and passion to make it really big and to achieve the massive success you’re seeking with no other options (failure is not an option at any point), are the ground.

You really cannot even get started before establishing these features in yourself.


Know crystal clearly what it is that you desire to achieve , have a plan to do it and stick to it no matter what. Still be willing to make any needed changes to it along the way and continue with it. And be ready to work your ass off literally to proceed and start making your vision come true.

You cannot budge with this at any point, regardless what happens, you just gotta go on to make it come true and find all the possible ways to do it. So the use of your intelligence, creativity and imagination is also must.


Have larger than life desire and passion to make it big and achieve your vision – that’s actually crucially important.

This passion must be so big that it will carry you on endlessly, and regardless of any obstacles that you will face, until you’ve made your vision come true.


Have a positively big ego – meaning that you know 100% that you can do this and that you’re great and excellent and will succeed and make your vision come true. You also need to see yourself as massively successful, and you need to be able to proudly declare this to anyone as a fact. Just like Madonna and Arnold.

Once this is natural to you – a fact of life amongst other facts of life, the rest follows and you will start succeeding.


Use your creativity, imagination and intelligence, and ability to “think outside the box”, to make your vision come true. You have plenty of them – you just got to start using them instead of making excuses like “don’t know how”. You need to just find the solutions, focus on solutions until you do find them, and not budge with this at any point one bit.

It’s a matter of just finding out the solutions to each one of your challenges and problems, one step at a time. This is how you will make your vision come true. It’s about trying as many options as needed until you find ones that will work and then sticking to them all the way. This is the best possible solution focused thinking, and Madonna and Arnold both used this all the way to the top.


Use your biggest passion as a stepping stone, or, go with it all the way. This means that you need to start with something you’re really passionate about to make your vision come true. It needs be something you’re most passionate about, like a special skill or some special feature in you or just anything you have a bigger than life passion for. Get started with it and see where it leads, then either proceed with it all the way to the highest top, or choose some other more desirable option to proceed once reaching the “saturation” level with the first option.

For Madonna it was first modern dancing until it soon developed into a vision of becoming a pop star. Dancing just wasn’t enough for her and she realized soon she couldn’t become as big star as she wanted by doing only dancing. So she got creative and figured out; she would start singing too and would head for becoming world’s most famous female pop star.

For Arnold it was body building for a long time, until he went to highest top of it, got little bored after that as he had no challenges anymore in it, and then changed his passion to Hollywood movies and becoming a super star there, then to politics…


Be prepared to work your ass off, literally. Be prepared to work 24/7 when ever needed! Be prepared to do all it takes to achieve your vision. See this as a “do or die” situation. You’ll either do this and make your vision come true, or you die. No other option. You don’t have any time to wander here and there, the ONLY thing you need to focus on, is making your vision come true. The rest you can forget.

Madonna said that “she can sleep when she’s dead” and this honest statement described perfectly her amazing and never ending working motivation. She did all it took and she stayed up for 24 hrs when ever needed to do / finish something. She didn’t need to sleep, she headed to becoming a super star so that was much more important to her; so she did everything possible to make her vision come true.

Arnold had a pretty similar way to do it; he would be in gyms all day long and work out until he was going to almost faint and many times probably did faint. And this is how he became Mr Universe, the highest top of international body building at that time, for god knows how many times and years a row. After that, he got “bored” as he had achieved it all in body building, so he started using the same working methods in Hollywood movie industry and got to the highest top there as well.


LOVE CHALLENGES! This is a special feature of any super-successful people, also of Madonna and Arnold.

They LOVE challenges; facing any challenges make them work even harder for reaching their goals,  make them even more passionate about success and they get huge motivation and passion just from the fact of solving those challenges and finding a way thru them. So there’s not one tiny moment in their minds that they should give up and come cracking down crying like babies when facing obstacles and challenges, instead they become even more stubborn to succeed and will find a solution to them.



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