Gorgeous Fall

The Atmospheric Fall…

Gorgeous colors… Gorgeous landscapes… Fresh air… Atmospheric dark evenings with candle light and scary movies… Romantic moments… Rainy days – plenty of time to stay in and relax or work at your laptop… Window shopping and shopping – what’s better way to spend your fall evening if you’ve got nothing to do and got money to spend…  I love fall!


There’s something about Wilderness… It’s all about adventures, surviving and landscapes.



THIS forest is magical.



Home with gorgeous fall colors as the background.



This reminds me of one beautiful place…



Fall road – Where is this road?



Misty fall forest – I think this is early fall.



This road is so beautiful – you just want to drive on this road with good company and go to your vacation home for the weekend or something. This is what this road brings into my mind.



Early fall – NYC. This is a view I’ll always love.  : )



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