Halloween Fun For Kids

Halloween treats, decoration and costumes for kids………..

Halloween’s a great party for kids and possibility to really spend time together as a family. Especially if you’re otherwise a busy parent, invest some time and effort to having fun time with your kids!

From this article you will find some fun, spooky and tasty recipes and treats that your kids will love to prepare, party ideas, easy-to-make decorations, cool costumes and more.

The delicacies are good for any adults’ parties too and for fun-loving grownups : ) I surely wouldn’t mind preparing these fun eatable creations to any of my parties (which only have adults…)

After the following treats and decoration, let’s check out some super fun children’s Halloween Costumes…. When you are preparing your kids for the trick or treats tour to the neighborhood and are running out of ideas, you will love these ideas.

Treats & Decoration Ideas

Have fun with your kids…

1)    Children love to make tasty treats in the image of characters. Halloween gives an opportunity to create Dracula Cookies.

You will need:

5 ounces of white candy coating, chopped

6 Candy truffles

1 Fruit roll-up

1 can of black decorating icing

6 cream filled sandwich cookies

6 slivered almonds cut in half


  1. Place truffles on wax paper lined pan and freeze for 10 minutes.
  2. While the truffles are chilling, melt candy coating in a microwave safe bowl. Stir occasionally until smooth.
  3. Dip each truffle in candy coating, covering completely and draining off all excess. Return each truffle to the pan.
  4. After all have been dipped refrigerate until hardened.
  5. Meanwhile, cut the fruit roll-up into 2 and ½ inch by 1 and ½ inch strips.
  6. Re-heat the candy coating if necessary and repeat step 3.
  7. Place one truffle on each cream filled cookie.
  8. Wrap the fruit strip around the base of the truffle for the cape. Allow to set.
  9. Using the decorating icing with a round tip – draw the hair, mouth and eyes on each.
  10. Use the almonds for fangs.

Makes 6 cookies; store in an airtight container.


2)    If Dracula cookies do not sound good, you could make some Halloween Cat Cookies.

You will need:

18 ounces of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough

54 pieces of candy corn

1 can of chocolate icing

Red shoestring licorice cut into 1 and 3/8 inch pieces

9 thin chocolate wafers, quartered


  1. Bake the cookie dough according to the packaging.
  2. Allow cookies to cool.
  3. Cut yellow tips from 18 candy corn. (Discard orange and white sections)
  4. Frost the cookies with icing.
  5. Immediately place two whole candy corns for eyes, 1 yellow tip for a nose, 2 chocolate wafers for the ears and 6 pieces of licorice for the whiskers.

Makes about 18 cookies.


3)    There are many decorations that can be created from household products. These are not only inexpensive, but also fun to create. One fun idea is to create Spirit Jugs.

You will need:

Clean plastic gallon milk jugs

A craft knife

Black permanent marker

String of 50 clear holiday lights


  1. Leave the lid on each jug to prevent denting while drawing ghost mouth and eyes on each jug.
  2. Allow an adult to cut a half-dollar-size hole from the back of each milk jug.
  3. Finally, arrange all jugs near each other to string the lights between them. Stuff several lights into each jug and enjoy the show.


4)    A fun idea for crafts that you can hand out as party favors or to trick-or-treaters are Spider Pops.

You will need:

Black pipe cleaners

Googly Eyes




  1. Hold four pipe cleaners and center them around the base of a lollipop. Wrap around the stick one time to create four legs on each side.
  2. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners to form eight feet.
  3. Glue on the googly eyes.


5)    Children of all ages love to make the next craft. Sand Jack-O-Lanterns may be slightly messy, but they are a lot of fun and worth it in the end.

You will need:

Clean, empty baby food or other jars

Black permanent marker

Green paint

Paint brush

Green construction paper or foam



Colored sand

A spoon and a funnel


  1. Remove the lid to the jar and paint it with green paint. This surface is not the easiest to paint, so you may need to dab the paint on.
  2. Draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on the jar.
  3. Fill the jar with sand. You can use multiple colors by layering each color of sand with a funnel.
  4. Put the lid back on the jar and cut a leaf from the green paper or foam.
  5. Glue the leaf to the top of the lid.

Now let’s check out those cool costumes….


5 Fun Ideas for Children’s Halloween Costumes

For those who want your child to have a one-of-a-kind costume for Halloween festivities, here are 5 fun ideas to make your child stand out from the crowd.


1)    A cute idea for a little girl is a hula dancer. The costume is rather simple to make, and all items are found at the local grocery store.

What you will need:

Hot glue gun

2 rope-style mop heads

1 pack gift bows

1 roll of paper towels

1 pair of flip flops

2 inch wide cloth ribbon

2 cereal boxes (1 mini and 1 small)

1 box of brass paper fasteners

How to make the skirt:

  • Cut the two mop heads down the center seam to create four panels. Line the panels side by side.
  • Cut a piece of the cloth ribbon to fit the length of the panels plus 12 inches on each side for tying the skirt.
  • Use the hot glue gun to apply glue to the edges of the panels; fold the ribbon in half over the edges.

How to make the headpiece, bracelets, and lei:

  • Cut ribbon to the desired length to create the headpiece, bracelet, and lei. For the lei, make approximately six evenly spaced crimps in the ribbon, secure each with transparent tape so it lies flat around the neck.
  • Attach randomly sized and colored gift bows to each ribbon. Loop the ribbons and secure the ends with double-sided tape.
  • Attach one large gift bow to the top of each flip flop strap.

How to make the ukulele:

  • Flatten both the mini and the small cereal boxes. Cut along one side of each and reassemble inside out using tape.
  • Use the foam cup to trace a circle onto the center of the small cereal box; use scissors or a utility knife to cut the circle out. Attach three of the brass fasteners approximately 1 and ½ inches below the hole.
  • Take the paper towel tube and cut two inches off one end. Use the tube to trace a circle onto the top of the small cereal box and another hole onto the bottom of the mini box; cut out.
  • Attach three brass fasteners to the front of the mini box. Connect the boxes to the tube by applying hot glue inside edges of holes. Insert one tube end in each. Attach three rubber bands to fasteners at both ends for the strings.


2)    Thanks to this next costume, your child does not have to play football to be the star Quarterback.

What you will need:

Printout of a quarter

A piece of cardboard

Duct tape

What you will do:

  • Enlarge a photo of a quarter to 7 and ½ diameter.
  • Glue the enlarged photo to a piece of cardboard the same size as the photo.
  • Attach the quarter to the child’s back with a loop of duct tape.


3)    Original costumes are rare, but wonderful. A clever idea for an inexpensive costume is the Smartie Pants costume.

What you will need:

Rolls of Smartie Candies

Clear Packing Tape

What you will do:

  • Attach the rolls of candy to the child’s pants using the packing tape.


4)    A cute, fun way to dress a little girl up is in a Peacock costume. This idea turns out really cute and is easy to make.

What you will need:

A blue onesie

Peacock feathers

Elastic sequin beads

Orange tights

Hot glue gun

A square of blue fabric

What you will do:

  • Layer feathers on top of square of fabric using the glue gun to create the peacock tail.
  • Attach the elastic bands to the fabric to put around the legs and waist.


5)    One the cleverest idea pays tribute to a dinner dish that has been around for decades. This costume turns out great and is fairly inexpensive; a trip to a hobby store may be required. Check out the Spaghetti and Meatballs costume.

What you will need:

A red checkered table cloth or fabric. Approximately 1.25 yards long 45 inches wide

Hot glue gun

Off-white yarn

8 small Styrofoam balls

A sturdy paper plate

Brown acrylic paint

Red acrylic paint

One small cooking pot

What you will do:

  • Cut a hole in the center of the table cloth or fabric for the head so the item can be worn as a poncho.
  • Cut ½ skein off-white yarn into spaghetti noodle-length pieces. Use a hot glue gun to glue the noodles in swirls and bunches on the paper plate.
  • Paint the small Styrofoam balls brown to look like meatballs. Let he balls dry and then glue 4 or 5 of them to the top of the spaghetti on the plate.
  • Mix brown and red paint to make it look like tomato sauce. Drip the paint over the spaghetti and meatballs. Smear some of the paint on the side of the small pot.
  • Glue the plate to the front of the tablecloth poncho.
  • Glue the rest of the meatballs where you would like on the poncho.
  • Glue yarn “spaghetti noodles” to the pot “hat”. Tie some yarn under the chin if needed to secure the small cooking pot to the child’s head.


Happy Halloween….!


The Season for Masquerade Balls…

It’s Time for Fabulous Masked Balls of Halloween

Halloween’s getting closer…. It’s one of my absolute favorite times of the year (as I love fall in general so much and the full of feeling dark nights…). I love everything about Halloween; the darkening fall nights, the “scary” mood, the atmospheric evenings, the parties, trick or treats, costumes, foods, candies, masked balls….. Scary movies… (Halloween-movie is my all-time favorite from all the scary movies) Everything.

Here are some hot ideas for adults’ Halloween Party…

6 Wild and Sexy Halloween Party Themes for Adults

Halloween is a great time to plan a sexy, wild, fabulous party for the adults only crowd too. There are many party theme ideas available that are sure to make Halloween a blast for everyone. The following is a list of 6 of these fun and sexy Halloween party themes for adults.

1)    One of the more recent horror movie themes has been zombies. Zombies not only make excellent plot lines for movies, but they also make a great theme for Halloween parties. A Zombie Themed Party can be a lot of fun and easy to achieve because there is a lot of zombie themed items available. The host can require all attendees to dress in their best zombie costume and prepare for a costume contest at some point during the night.

2)    For those who want to throw a really sexy Halloween party, he or she can organize a Halloween Erotica Ball. Who wouldn’t love a Mardi Gras twist around Halloween? This party would be sure to make a hit. The host could offer a DJ and dance floor. He or she could also require everyone to dress in the sexiest costume they can find. Costume ideas could include a sexy sailor, hot nurse, or a sexy firefighter costume for a man, because women love a man in uniform, even if it is a costume!

3)    A couple’s party would be a lot of fun and a great way to require all friends to bring a date. The host would require all guests to not only bring a date, but dress in accompanying costumes. This theme leaves a lot of ideas for costumes and could even be more targeted to a certain industry. For example, the host could do a music couples night requiring couples to dress as famous musical couples such as Sonny and Cher, Beyonce and Jay Z, or even Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

4)    A really fun theme is 1969. This party would allow guests to party like it was 1969 again, including dress, music, and activities. The host could hire a tribute band and make his or her own small re-enactment of Woodstock. Everyone would be required to dress in appropriate clothing from the era and plenty of alcohol for everyone…

5)    One of the best themes for a Halloween party is Horror Movie Night. This theme requires all attendees to dress as horror movie characters, it doesn’t matter how old the movie, or whether the character is the villain or not. This party theme is a lot of fun because everyone tries to guess everyone else’s costume, and all attendees have a blast!

6)    The Masked Ball Of The Decade; Special Theme Party…

If you desire creating a masquerade ball that will be the topic of the fall – then you need to make it really extravagant and fabulous theme party.

Three fabulous ideas;

– Marie Antoinette theme – her depraved and wild masquerade balls were not only sinful and fun but also super-luxurious, fabulous and extravagant – and the talk of the whole nation…

– Cleopatra theme – now this is another fantastic idea – create an ancient Egypt theme party. Cleopatra was known of her fabulous taste and lifestyle.

– Playboy Mansion theme – You can create your own Playboy Mansion theme party and copy Hef’s fabulous, super-sexy style and wild partying. Check out the latest Playboy Mansion Theme Parties and copy your favorite parts of them, or whole theme, to yours.

You will also need a gorgeous venue for arranging this party; remote, private luxury properties are the absolutely best options but some fabulous ball rooms are good too. Choose the best of the best. Or if you own an ideal property, use it – your vacation villa or home.

Additionally you will need the best possible drinks (highest quality champagnes and cocktails), foods and delicacies, party planner to help you (it will be too massive for you to arrange it by yourself), fabulous décor, all the best technical equipment for music, entertainment and special effects, and sexy, fabulous gowns/costumes…

Check out http://www.superluxuries.com/party-like-the-queen-of-france/  for getting ideas on Marie Antoinette style Masquerade Ball – you can use the tips to arranging any kind of fabulous theme parties.


Or… How about simply having a costume or mask party where everyone’s free to choose their own themes. The only rule is that everyone needs to have some Halloween costume – but that’s it. This would be awesome especially for a large party at your house, or at some of your friend’s house. Give everyone the option to choose their Halloween costumes freely. You could also tell the guests to bring some good foods and drinks – or just alcohol beverages, when they arrive. Lots of guests, hot costumes, masked ball, drinks, foods, snacks, dancing, meeting new people… And get a DJ to play music…  : )


Additional Tip – The Venue;

To make sure your Halloween party is going to be really fantastic…. How about including a special, remote venue for it too. If you can rent a remote mansion or large mountain lodge or so on, and get your guests there – that’ll be the best option. Another idea is to use your or any friend’s / family member’s vacation villa for this.