Getting Started in The Real Estate Business…

How to invest and make money in real estate with no money down?

Real estate investments are known worldwide as one of the most profitable ways to make money and create a successful business, baring in mind though a real estate investment is a long term venture and comes with all the associated risks of investment.
But also remember that zero risk in business always means no big money or no significant success…!  Just make sure you research your options thoroughly before making a large investment.

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How can you get started in the real estate business and building your success with little or no capital of your own?

First of all, remember this; once you’ve got your first successful deal done, have at least one proven, successful ” mark in your real estate business record”, and/or, even one really great connection – the perfect person who believes in you and can help you in return for a profit share, you are ready to take it a step further.

Meaning once you’ve gotten started and have some proven success, it’s time to make it bigger. When you’ve got a chance to invest in more expensive real estate with excellent profit potential, go for it. It’s better option than some tiny studio if you know what I mean. You will get investors more easily for a bigger project with bigger profit potential. Of course there are always risks involved but you wont achieve significant success without any risk taking.

FIRSTLY get involved in the industry;

Get knowledge, information, important connections, experience and skills! Learn the business! Learn to understand the upcoming trends! Be ready to get started in your first real estate deals to get track record in the business!

This is the best way to make connections in the industry and find out all the tips and tricks associated with buying with little capital.

A large part of the industry involves building connections, the more connections you have the easier it becomes to find the best deal on the market. Check out some jobs within the industry such as becoming an agent, appraiser or even an assistant to an investor which would be the ideal position to gather knowledge on investing with no capital.

While building connections and track record and educating yourself – research all the best and most profitable upcoming opportunities in the business so that you’re ready to get started…

Learn to see the upcoming trends in real estate – these are the ones that can make big money for you. The easiest way to do this is by constantly learning and listening the markets.

Learn about successful real estate investing thoroughly before getting started! But remember that in order to get results, you need to take action too besides learning.

Most importantly connect with already successful people in the business, learn from them and get personal advice from them if possible.


SECONDLY look for private investments;

The easiest way to get started with no money down.

This is an over-looked but effective method; as opposed to approaching a bank for a loan, approach friends or family or any wealthy acquaintances you can and make a deal with them, explain you now have the knowledge and contacts within the industry and with their investment you can both see a healthy return.

The person putting up the capital will take the larger slice of the pie. BUT in the long run using this method you will be able to build up your own capital base and profits start coming in and thus you can make your own investments and it then becomes a snowball effect. After that anything is possible.

THIRDLY consider lease options to get more deals done and profits;

Buy, then rent and start profiting, invest back and repeat.

This is where you will affectively buy to rent. You can approach a banking institution for the initial capital, this capital will then be used to purchase a property and you will rent the property out. By doing this you can use the rental returns to pay off  the mortgage on the property.

This again will have a snowball effect, as once you have one successful property under your belt you can then use it as collateral to gain a loan on another property and start growing your business and profits.


Learn how to make it big in the real estate business!


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