How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution / Plan, And Achieve It Too…?

Now that we’re already in February, it’s a perfect time to see for the first time seriously what’s going on with your New Year’s goals and plans. Course-correcting actions are also good thing to do now if you notice that you aren’t exactly proceeding as you planned to.

How to stick to your New Year’s resolution – and basically to whatever goal/plan you ‘ve created?

February Checkup!


1. If you’ve got a list of important, big goals – and especially if they’re all very different and belong to different areas of life – The first thing you gotta do, is to FOCUS on 1-3 of them. Don’t try to be the superwoman or man and do them all at the same time. Only focus on ONE big goal at a time.

What I’ve now noticed is that you, or at least most of us, can’t focus on several big, very challenging and different projects at one time and get them all done perfectly. If you try it, you will 99% certainly end up getting mediocre results with all of them. Now I’m talking about large, complicated, life-changing, super-challenging projects, like a big weight loss or fitness goal, business plan, career change or any big personal plan.

If you’ve got several goals and they fall into these categories and are just much bigger than your average every-day actions and require your full focus to be able to become a success – then choose the most important one and focus on it until you’ve achieve it. Or at least until you’ve got it going so well that things start proceeding by themselves.

I tried to get started with all of my goals simultaneously, but noticed almost immediately that it’s not working out like this. So I needed to focus on one project, and do it perfectly before I even think of the other similar bigger goals. Thus, I’ve truly focused on it and have not written to my web journals anything for the whole month – have to admit…

But the fact is you’ve got PRIORITIZE and decide what is the most important goal. Then focus on it until you’ve achieved it, or at least got it going well. Otherwise you get nothing done.


2. However, you SHOULD, combine one big and challenging goal with one other important, strongly supporting goal. Like focus on your career or business goal 200%  BUT also effectively stick to your new weekly fitness and workout plan!

These types of goals support strongly one another, like a workout and fitness goal and any type of big and important business/career/looks/relationship related goals.

This is in fact the most intelligent thing you can do, to exercise. Do not start slipping on the fitness and workout goal you’ve set because of your big “main” goal, regardless of whatever that main goal is. Make sure you exercise!

Any health and workout based goals and plans do nothing but good for you, and will also effectively help you in achieving that main goal of yours. They will boost your health, make you better looking, and also boost your self esteem big time. If you can stick to your new workout plan and keep it going, then you sure can stick to your main goal and get it going too!

Also it’s great to be slimmer and more attractive, toned, healthy and energetic once you finally achieve that main goal of yours.. Right?


3. If you’ve got hard time with sticking to any of your goals and plans, no matter that they truly are important to you personally – you might wanna check out how you’ve created them. Or if you’ve actually created them at all…

It’s not enough, you’ve got them in your head. You need to have them written down in detail too – so that you really understand and see what it is you’re achieving here.

You need to know them in detail, and understand them, to be able to go after them and achieve them.

Now if you can’t even write them down… How are you able to understand them and know really what it is you try to achieve here…? You aren’t able to understand them if you aren’t able to describe them by writing them down – that’s just a fact.

So write them down! Describe in detail what it is you are going to achieve and what is the result you will get.

Make it 100% believable, detailed, and also make it something so hot and awesome that you’re ready to work your ass off for it, something you’re super-passionate about.


4. Do a checkup also on your goals itself; make sure they’re measurable and ones that you actually CAN & WILL achieve – do not make them immeasurable or impossible. Be very specific about them. And always always focus on the end result you’re heading to.

Make them understandable, easy to grasp onto, realistic, believable, AND, very specifically describe the actual END RESULT instead of the process of getting there.

Do not focus on losing weight (the process of getting there),  if you do, you will almost certainly end up failing. Instead focus strictly on the end result, what you want to weigh and look like (the end result). Focus on becoming as slim and sexy as you desire. That’s a heck of a lot more desirable than battling with certain amount of kilos you’ve got to lose each week. You will be passionate about becoming slim and sexy, but most likely you will not be passionate about battling with fat and kilos…

Measure your success and make weekly / daily plans to achieve the goal. Then stick to those plans and follow them to the point – or make them better. If you’ve decided you will do certain actions daily that will move you closer to the achievement of the goal, THEN DO THEM. Make timetables and stick to them!

I noticed that once you do make daily and weekly plans and actual timetables, and stick to them to the smallest detail, you will progress so much that you actually see results. When you see results, you will become more motivated. Before, I’ve usually started slipping on these timetables, but not anymore after I’ve seen that they’re the only way to progress.


5. Don’t get stuck on or too carried away with little details – focus on the big picture rather than nibbling with the little details too much! This is another one of those things I’ve realized myself too.

It’s way too easy to get carried away focusing on little details, especially if you’re a perfection seeker. If you do, you easily lose the sight of the big picture itself, which is not good as then you are going to slow down your progress.

Do what you do as good as you can, do all you can as perfectly as you can.

Make it ready, then move on to the next step.

Do not start adjusting the little details too much. Just make it ready, finish it, then move on.

Focus always on the actual big picture, the end result. Do not forget it by focusing on small details too much. Believe me, it’s way too easy to forget the actual big picture at that point when you start fine-tuning forever some little thing. I’ve tried it, doesn’t work. So now I’ve decided that I just do my very best and finish the thing, then move on to the next one.


6. Take action according to your timetables, NOW, instead of tomorrow. Do all you can today, rather than moving any of it for tomorrow. This is the way to proceed pretty fast. However it may cost you some long mornings in the bed at the weekends, or it may mean that you stay up late and wake up early to continue.

Well – here’s the thing; you can sleep when you’re dead! Harsh – but it’s also very true. In the meantime if you’re serious about this – do all you can each day and then some, to achieve your goal.

Well the thing is that an average person really doesn’t need more sleep than about 6-7 hrs per night. If you get that much, it’s likely enough, any kind of tiredness is just laziness. So sometimes, to progress in life and achieve what you want, you need to forget about sleeping! You can always reward yourself after achieving an important milestone; keep a weekend off then!

You can sleep, party and chill out later, ok! Now if your goal is something that’s crucially important to you – something that’s going to change your whole life when you achieve it, something that means the whole world for you – then act like it! Do all you can each day to get closer to the achievement of your goal. Don’t start slipping now!

Once you’ve achieved it, you can chill out for the whole month if you want, before you move on to the next important thing. AND THEN it will feel like you’re the king of the world so to speak – THEN you will really enjoy your moment of laziness fully. Before you’ve achieved your goal, you will get just bad conscience on chilling out too much and you wont enjoy it as you have this nagging feeling inside you then all the time.


7. Prioritize all those bigger or smaller goals that are parts of your one main goal; you’ve got to start from something! Don’t try to do it all at one time. Like if you’ve got one huge business goal, or some personal goal, and it basically needs to be split into several big sub goals – then prioritize these sub goals!

Do those things first that are absolutely required before you really can proceed on achieving the other parts – do the most important and difficult things always first!

Usually a big life-changing goal is not really only ONE goal, but rather an entity of several goals. You will realize this the moment you really get into it and deeply see what it is that you really are achieving here. You will likely see that you need to do this and that and be and have this and that before you’ve achieved it.

This means your one big goal actually has several sub goals in it.

Now it’s time to prioritize the goals that form your one main goal. Do the most important and crucial things first – those that are required before you really can move on to achieving the others.

If you don’t prioritize them, the end result may soon be (maybe it’s already) that you end up losing control and feel overwhelmed because you have so much to do and you don’t know where to get started and you get nothing done.


8. Split your goal into achievable steps

So the next obvious thing is to split your goal into smaller steps, sub goals. If you haven’t already done this, it could be the reason why you haven’t yet proceeded the way you wanted.

Prioritize, do the most required and important things first that you must do before you really can proceed. Finish them, and move on to next step.


9. If you’re scared to death of doing something BUT you’ve got to do it in order to progress with your goal – then do it NOW. Don’t move it anymore.

When it’s time to do something you just don’t like doing at all, or worse, are secretly scared to death of doing… Then you just gotta stop the procrastination and do it. That’s the only way really. If you just keep on moving and moving it, you only lose time each day, and the moment of you achieving your goal gets further away. The other thing is that you start feeling like a loser, more and more, the longer you keep on doing this. Then it gets just tougher.

So whatever fuc….ing scary thing it is you need to do now before you can proceed, do it today! Stop playing around anymore and losing your time.

After you’ve done it, you will get this great feeling of accomplishment; you did it no matter that you were so scared of it. This is one important step on your way to achieving your goal; you went over a huge wall and you should be so proud of yourself for doing it regardless that it felt really difficult – you showed yourself that you can do it. So you can be sure you can do the next step too!


10. Be prepared for these below 2 things that almost certainly will come up at some point, usually they will come up pretty soon once you get started.

Isn’t that irritating… You JUST started proceeding so effectively and get things done perfectly AND THEN you already face adversities. They can discourage you easily when you just got started so effectively and you already face problems – BUT DON’T let them do it!

They are just signs that you got started in your actions and are proceeding – and they will guide you to the right route.

1. Course correcting actions and changes along the way! Some things may change… In order for you to achieve your goal you may need to ADJUST yourself to some new situations and new challenges. Be ready to do so! Adjust your goal and actions the moment you realize that the old way just won’t work. Don’t start banging your head to the wall. Find a new way to the end result! And do NOT get depressed or discouraged about this!

2. Be more stubborn, refuse to give up and work until you get the result you want. This you can do IF you honestly know for sure you can get the end result you want  if you just keep pushing it. Let’s say you try and get some important deal done and you know 100% honestly there’s a great potential for it and that it will benefit greatly both parties, BUT you seem not be able to reach the person you need no matter what. Then just keep on pushing until you do reach the person. This is just one example. You know what’s your personal situation – and you know deep down if the right option is to keep pushing until you get it done, OR, change the way and find a new way to the end result.

There’s a very fine line between these two options, so make sure you choose the right one. You basically know which one to choose if you are just honest to yourself. Then that is the best option and if you follow it, you will proceed again toward the achievement of your goal. The great thing is that this new route may open whole new doors for greater success as well – which you would not have found in any other way.


11. When things get tough and you seem not to be able to find a way to proceed, do this (like the above two situations);

Make sure you have as much private time for yourself as you want and need. Then make some coffee. Get some papers and pens, or bring your notebook with you, or get a notebook solely for this, or just open your laptop and a new file there.

The best option for this is to get traditional blank papers and a pen, or a new notebook meant for this only; the achievement of your goal.

Sit down and relax, have coffee and start writing, focus on this fully.

Write down all your ideas, even the craziest one, regarding what you can or could do now to get to your desired end result. Freewrite everything down that comes to your mind. I literally mean everything, any craziest ideas.

Focus on this for at least 30 min or an hour, then take a break and continue. This time go thru the first notes and ideas and see how you can further develop them. Write down your new ideas on another paper. Do this for at least another 30 min.

Finally go thru these newest ideas and pick 5-10 best ones. See what you can develop from these, and proceed.

This way you will come up with an idea that you can use to proceed.

And the one thing you will also notice in about 30 minutes after getting started is this; you suddenly forget your tough situation and your mood will get better, soon you will feel like you’ve got things under your control again. This is simply because you took action instead of dwelling on the negativity.

THE SECOND option is this;

Take those blank papers and a pen – then focus on this only; what are The Bright Spots in your situation now? What is working now? What is successful now? Write down all things that are The Bright Spots – even the tiniest little things that are working even if it was something like “I enjoy watching beautiful images” or something small, “irrational” or anything. Whatever works now and makes you feel good and energetic write it down.  Do this for 30 min.

Then analyze the things you wrote down. Ask yourself why they work, what in them makes them work? Can you copy and multiply this success to other actions? Analyze for another 30 min and see what you come up with! If you keep on doing this, you will come up with indirect or direct solutions to your situation. BUT this may require some time, you may need to focus on this for several hours.

So if you cannot now proceed at all really – invest one day of your week to this task. And see what solutions you come up with.


12. Put your written goal, or some other important image/thing that represents the moment you’ve achieved your goal to some visible place and keep watching / reading it daily!

Start also visualizing if you haven’t already!

These things will remind you at all times from the achievement of your goal – and that is very important. The most important thing is that each day you take a look at the goal – and feel that you’re on your way to achieving it all the time.

Visualizing is another very important thing to do. It doesn’t need to take more than a couple of minutes of your day. For example morning is perfect for visualizing. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and vividly imagine in your mind the moment of having achieved the goal – do this in so vivid way that you almost feel like it’s reality. After that, continue your day! Visualizing is actually so powerful that for example all professional athletes use it in their training – and so do also many business executives, actors and others.


13. Remember that small effective steps build eventually the big results that you are after for. So, every day practice new behaviors and any type of effective actions that motivate and encourage you, take you closer to the achievement of your goal, and build the momentum.

Building a momentum is very important! Any small success is great! It will make you more passionate and determined to proceed. You can succeed with any kinds of small actions that you KNOW take you one tiny step closer – do them each day, as much as you effectively can, and finish them all successfully.

When you experience even small successes and clearly progress and go forward toward the achievement of your goal with even tiniest steps, it motivates you, builds up your momentum and makes you feel like a winner! You will need this in order to proceed successfully!

Also substitute bad habits with good ones! Substitute any bad and harmful habits you have that clearly are on your way and slow you down, with good, supportive ones. This can be also any small step and action – success with small steps makes you feel like a winner and like you are in control of things. That motivates you to achieve more.

It’s also important that you don’t hang out with such people too much that will discourage you. And when you do, do not talk about your plans with them. Instead try and find people that will support you, inspire you, even help you at some way.

These things are the most effective tools you have to proceed and ultimately achieve your goal.


14. When you achieve any partial success, any small steps and sub goals – and just anything that you know is important and has required a lot from you (like that you did something scary – that alone is an achievement!) – celebrate this; reward yourself for this partial success. 

When you achieve any really important and big milestones that take you massive steps toward the achievement of your goal – reward yourself more.

When you successfully get an important step done, or achieve some milestone, it’s time to celebrate it.

Reward yourself with something special and meaningful.


15.  Motivate and keep yourself passionate about achieving your goal by constantly reminding yourself of the things you will get, have, be and do after you’ve achieved it! This will help you big time, especially when things get tough!

ALSO – keep yourself motivated and eager to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal by reading very inspiring, motivational books that help you in your mission, by finding helpful websites and networks and by connecting with likeminded people!

Music is also excellent! Listen daily motivating, empowering songs. I’ve found rap songs to be excellent – many rap songs seem to have this great Do Or Die spirit that actually many times genuinely comes from the hearts of the rappers themselves. Maybe you like them too, or maybe you want some other type of music. Do NOT listen some depressing, sad songs.

Motivation is very important. The bigger and more life-changing goal you have, the more you’re gonna need motivation. It will keep you HUNGRY and DETERMINED to do all it takes to achieve it. And THAT is what you’re gonna need! The bigger goal you have, the more you’re gonna face challenges in achieving it, and the more you’re gonna need motivation to keep yourself in track in all situations.


Happy Goal Digging!



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