Kwazulu Natal Safari Adventure

Looking for jungle and safari adventures and The Original Paradise – like views..?

May I suggest the beautiful Zulu Kingdom – Kwazulu Natal of South Africa?

This area is South Africa’s most popular safari and travel destination, but in this case, the popularity don’t mean overcrowded tourist resorts. In fact if you want to experience just pristine forests, gorgeous hilly and mountainous nature and amazing safaris in the wilderness with no one else around, you can do it in Kwazulu Natal. The area is so large that it will feel like total African wilderness – and it don’t only FEEL like that, but it IS an African wilderness in most of its parts.

Kwazulu Natal is a province in the eastern part of South Africa, historically it was formed from Zulu Kingdom and Natalia already in 1800’s. There’s some truly bloody history in this province, such as the Battle of Blood River in 1838 where Afrikaners defeated the Zulus. This was the beginning of the Republic of Natal. The actual Kwazulu Natal was formed in 1994. There are several historical sites to see in Kwazulu Natal, such as the Battlefields.

Nowadays it is called the Garden Province and it also is the home of the Zulu nation. The largest city of the area is Durban.

The most wonderful part of Kwazulu Natal is its nature.

It has a long shoreline of Indian Ocean, mountains, deep valleys, ravines, pristine jungles, rivers, lakes, plateaus, and rich wild life.  The cities are modern and vivid but there are also lots of very traditional zulu villages that are fascinating places to visit and get to know the locals. In overall there’s a lot of rich traditional culture to see and experience in the province. The city of Durban is a pulsating and vibrant mixture of East, West and Zulu cultures and it is one of the busiest  seaport cities of the whole Africa.

There are gorgeous world heritage sites such as the coastal landmark iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site and the mountainous ‘Barrier of Spears’ uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site with its cave paintings.

The most unique part of the Kwazulu Natal is by far its Rolling Landscape, such as the Valley Of A Thousand Hills; the hills go on forever and the views truly remind from the “Paradise” as you could think of it. The rock formations, other land formations and scenery are unique. There are several nature conservation areas and rich wildlife throughout the province.


The province actually has three different geographic areas which each have their own special landscapes and nature.

The Indian Ocean coast is lowland, lush green, steep hills going to the ocean, subtropical forests, deep ravines, fine sandy beaches and rocky shores as well, and magnificent coastal views. The coastline is dotted with small and bigger towns and villages and very picturesque views. There are also lovely and vivid resort towns on the coastline – gorgeous golden beaches, restaurants, clubs, shopping, hotels, entertainment and more…The beaches are some of the most stunning of whole Africa. The coastline is divided to South Coast, North Coast, Elephant Coast, Zululand and Durban. Each of these parts have their own unique features and gorgeous features to offer. The marine life is very rich, especially you can spot large mammals such as whales.

The central parts of the province are hilly and high plateau with rolling green hill slopes continuing as far as you can look. There is for example the Valley Of A Thousand Hills and The Middlands – and inspirationally beautiful area. This area is very lush too with moist grasslands and Afromontane Forest. The views are stunning and you should go driving around the area and drive as high as you can, then walk from there to highest points to see the amazing views down to the valleys. The landscape goes on forever and is full of misty hills.

The third geographical area are the two mountainous parts of the province; Lebombo Mountains in the north and Drakensberg Mountains in the west – in here you can enjoy the magnificent mountain views, high, table like mountain top formations, alpine grassland, deep ravines and green valleys. The whole province is very rich with its flora and fauna.


You can add to all the amazing scenery, especially those of the inner parts and the mountainous areas, also a rich variety of wild African animals. The entity forms into a perfect safari experience.

In fact how about relaxing somewhere over the coast first enjoying the golden beaches – and then heading to inner parts of the province for a perfect safari to the wilderness..?

The paradise-like landscapes of Kwazulu Natal and the wild animals you can spot such as elephants, lions, zebras, cheetahs, antelopes, rhinos, hippos and giraffes amongst many, many others, and rich variety of birdlife – offer an experience that comes close to feeling of being in the original Paradise – the birth place of human race and all life on this planet.

For demanding travelers there are lots of options for a high quality safaris; some are private and all offer a 5-star experience, luxury glamping in middle of nature – all inclusive, or more authentic real camping for those who are truly adventurous. And anything from between. You can request private safari adventures too; just you and your company, and private guides and carriers.

Your safari will include guided wilderness hiking and driving around with a jeep in demanding little roads and drive paths thru the jungles, hilly landscapes and savannahs. Maybe you want  to try some mountain biking too. For ultimate adventure a real authentic camping in middle of nature is the thing to do.                                            Copyright Michaelwild – en.wikipedia

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