Gorgeous Bedrooms & Couple Of Eye Candy Bed Designs

Sexy Beds & Gorgeous Bedrooms…

Can you get bedroom decoration ideas from these images?

Because of loving luxury interior design, I’ve collected all kinds of photos related to luxury real estate and design for a long time mainly to get plenty of ideas for any future housing projects. And – for eye candy purpose too. It’s just pure pleasure to look at images of most gorgeous, luxurious real estates, apartments, interior design examples and decoration – that if anything will inspire you big time.

Some time ago I found some prettiest bed designs and luxury bedroom designs. And as they tell you, you should be able to completely rest your body, mind and soul in bedroom after a hectic day. Well in these bedrooms you certainly can – and in those candy-looking beds. The bedrooms are full of space and light and have some stunning little details. And then some of those bed designs I found.. They’re just delicious looking pieces of art that will certainly give you ideas if you want a tailor-made bed done.

Let’s take a closer look! Can you get any decoration and design ideas from these…?

Gorgeous bedrooms

All of the below presented bedroom are spacious, exquisite and very inviting. Have a look!

Bright and light colors, gorgeous fireplace and pretty views to the garden. And so inviting bed.. Perfect!

Another bright and light bedroom with fireplace and nice little detail; sitting area with sofa at one step higher..

This bedroom has lots of beautiful details; like the chandelier, mat, mirror and so on. Very attractive.

Bright and white bedroom for classy taste. The small statues in front of the fireplace are beautiful details.

This bedroom has very, very warm colors which makes it not only beautiful but really cozy and inviting too. The fireplace is beautiful detail.

This is stunning – love it. My favorite of them all. Spacious and full of light. A true master bedroom as it should be.

For a little darker taste – full of dark chocolate colors…

A spacious bedroom with plenty of light, windows, warm colors and amazing views down to the green valleys.

Little smaller bedroom but gorgeous details.

Again little smaller bedroom but tasty, warm chocolate colors – love it!

Bedroom design for Princess who loves golden luxury.

So homy and beautiful; a light and warm bedroom in log home.


Eye Candy bed designs

Makes you wanna go get a custom made bed that would remind one of these…

Golden bed for us all who love metallic shine and golden colors.

Large half circle beds have that something extra. So if you want something different, how about getting a round bed?

Now this is a true Princess Bed. Have a look at the headboard decoration and the chandelier..

Here’s a little more dramatic bright red sexy bed. Hot and extremely classy. If you want to get make a statement with master bedroom bed, this is your choice.

So stylish, classy and cool.. The white headboard with its decoration is stunning.  A white version of the above pink Princess Bed.

Tasteful, exquisite and delicious bed design along with the wall design. Reminds a bit of caramel and chocolate… Another statement bed.

Very decorative bed – tasteful colors and details.


What do you think of these designs and bedrooms….? 


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