MissTravel.com – A Sexy New Dating Site

Rich or wealthy men pay the trips of beautiful women to anywhere…. A luxury vacation and romance.

This is a cool idea as long as they’re able to keep it strictly as a dating website and travelling companion meeting place only, instead of anything else. (Now there are clear notes about what it is – a dating website only – and what’s accepted and what not).

The website was opened recently and has already drawn huge amounts of attention, mostly because of its little controversy topic..

I went to check it out and found it truly interesting; The site itself was tempting looking and as I browsed it a little, I found lots of attractive, outgoing looking all aged wealthy men, and, beautiful women aged somewhere between 20-40.  They had a good trick to get people to sign up; once you had browsed about 2-3 pages, a note popped up which told you to sign up to be able to browse more. I’m sure that will get them quickly lots of new users.

The idea is simple; rich or wealthy men will pay the luxurious trips of beautiful women. Or vice versa… They can travel together anywhere, have a holiday fling, maybe more, the beautiful one doesn’t need to pay a dime.

So it’s a luxury travel dating site. The only requirements are that you either need to be wealthy or rich, or, beautiful. Anything from the middle is a no-no.

As a beautiful woman, you can meet a rich companion that will pay the luxurious trips of both of you to anywhere you want, or your trip to him, (or he will come to you). You don’t need to spend a dime at any point. The members I saw when browsing the site, both women and men, seemed very interesting; attractive, outgoing people looking for fun, romance and luxurious traveling dates.

Most of the women were suggestive to say the least, saying “Let’s go to paradise together” and so on and posing half naked, some were even little too much suggestive to be stylish.  Most of the men seemed to be looking for pretty much anything, not only casual dating and intimate encounters, but also seemed for more serious relationship.

The idea is Great – Love it…!

I can see that many beautiful, adventurous single women, especially younger women, who want to live a luxurious life and meet rich men, will go crazy about this dating site : )

You can join the site by either choosing the “Attractive Members” or “ Generous Members”.

Regardless of its name, MissTravel.com offers the opportunity for BOTH men and women to join in either one of the two categories.

There’s also detailed security advice on the website and every member is advised to get to know their travel companion more before going on any trip with him/her.

Let’s see how it goes for this bold dating network in the longer run!


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