Gorgeous Summer Homes

Summer Time….

What’s better than heading to your beautiful summer home for the weekend or maybe for a week or two…?

summer home1

summer home2

summer home3

summer home4

summer home 5

Golden City

The Golden City of Dubai

Dubai is a magical wonderland of excess in the U.A.E.






A Moment in Jungle

A Lady Walking on a Wooden Suspension Bridge in a Jungle – Thailand

I think this lady has a great sense of balance. I’m not sure if I could walk there and be relaxed and smiling like that. : )

But I see here a great little message; Never look back or down – that might scare you big time or slow you down a lot. Just go forward – period.

 jungle moment

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution / Plan, And Achieve It Too…?

Now that we’re already in February, it’s a perfect time to see for the first time seriously what’s going on with your New Year’s goals and plans. Course-correcting actions are also good thing to do now if you notice that you aren’t exactly proceeding as you planned to.

How to stick to your New Year’s resolution – and basically to whatever goal/plan you ‘ve created?

February Checkup!

5 Delicious Christmas Recipes…

Delicious Christmas Goodies…..

It’s one of the best times of the year to chill out by baking some super-delicious treats… Do it with your kids, friends, or with your man… or alone – either way, it’s sometimes just really fun to bake. And never mind if you’re not a pro in kitchen! Who cares – you CAN do this.

Nothing beats homemade cookies and other treats, that’s just a fact. Also nothing beats the moment you can eat some cookie or cake dough…  So pull out the appropriate recipes and begin to bake those Christmas cookies and other goodies and have some fun!

Have a look at these top 5 Christmas candy, cookie and other desert ideas below….