Hot 2012 Gift Ideas

Some Fabulous Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shopping…..

It always is left to the final minute…. The Christmas Shopping that is.

Well.. Holiday shopping can become overwhelming as you have so many people to buy for, and no clue what any of them may want. But don’t fret – check out this comprehensive list of the hottest gift ideas of 2012 for men, women, children or any other special person in your life.

Beautiful Yet Dangerous; Jungles and Deserts

If you’re an adventurous person who loves the little extra something for what comes to unique experiences, exciting travelling and fabulous, pristine nature destinations…

…You would probably love adventures in huge tropical jungle areas, places like Borneo, Madagascar, Amazon, Costa Rica…or in a majestic, sandy desert area such as the ones in Mexico, New Mexico, Africa or Middle East…

I am a person like this – especially I would enjoy a ride thru or huge desert area with my man (and perhaps with a friend couple). And for what comes to jungles – I could certainly enjoy a camping adventure there – although I’d prefer glamping if only possible. I haven’t yet done it but I was thinking of this not so long ago when writing my travel guide and adding there some amazing nature destinations as recommended places to visit.

So I decided to get to know more of the subject of what you need know before going on a jungle or desert adventure – how you need to prepare yourself and keep yourself safe.  

Your jungle adventure would probably involve hiking into a remote and huge jungle area filled in dense rainforest, rare flora and fauna and high mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls… You would probably enjoy an exciting camping adventure in the mountainous jungles of Borneo, Madagascar, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Papua New Guinea or Costa Rica.

Maybe you would be dropped of there, in middle of nowhere – in middle of jungle, with a helicopter or seaplane (if there’s a convenient coastal area for this), maybe with a jeep (as far as the road goes) or with a boat via some remote river. Maybe you would go with a companion rather than alone, maybe with a small group of equally enthusiastic explorers…  You would enjoy exploring the jungle, mountains and valleys and take a swim in waterfalls or rivers, kayak or canoe along some rivers – get to know the flora and fauna, maybe find some remote, ancient remains of temples… You wouldn’t even care of the insects so much – you’re a nature lover so let them be you’d think. Maybe you would go on a hunt of some unknown orchid or inject species to get it named after you, maybe after some plant that could be a big hit in medicine. Maybe you would explore the myths and truths of cannibalism in the area… Maybe you would go see if YOU can find out what happened to  Michael Rockefeller…

Or if you’re into desert adventures, you would probably love to go to an adventurous SUV trip through a huge, majestic desert area, drive in middle of the fantastic landscapes, explore some abandoned mining ghost towns or mining places, remote mountains and sand dunes… Maybe you would go sand boarding there, hike a little, take a lot of unique photographs…

The distances are huge – there’s nothing but sandy desert, mountains, valleys… Perhaps those abandoned ghost towns and mining places… It would remind of the views in the movie “Hills Have Eyes” (which was actually shot in New Mexico). Just you, the SUV, your companion, your camping equipment – and a couple of days driving thru the fabulous desert in a lonely area where there are no roads really and no other traffic, nothing actually. Just pristine desert, nothing else.

You camping in middle of these stunning landscapes next to your safe and strong SUV, having a campfire dinner, ghost stories, a little tent, enjoying a romantic adventure with your companion under the fantastic starry sky you can only experience in desert, then in the next day, another 200 km drive thru the rest of the desert…

If you are a thrill lover and would enjoy these types of adventures – you need to understand that these two very different areas are stunningly beautiful yes, but also very dangerous, especially to a person who’s even a tiny bit inexperienced (but thinks that he’s experienced enough).  

Actually no one is experienced enough to be able to prepare for all the possible dangers of these fabulous places.

The other thing is that many times us adventurers and thrill lovers are independent travelers – we don’t use package or ready-made tours, and many times not even a local guide (if we’re that experienced that we know we can manage it without a local guide). This is all cool – but there are more dangers in this. If you forget to let someone know your DETAILED travel plan, no one will know of your exact whereabouts.

Before you go have an adventure like this, prepare yourself as perfectly as you can. Let’s take a look at the things you need to know before getting your adventure trip started.

Two Great SUVs

The two sexiest SUVs in the world; Mercedes Benz GL  &  Range Rover

Two SUVs that have all the latest features to make them considered luxury, and, most importantly, the strong, powerful, fabulous looks, are the Mercedes-Benz GL series and Range Rover Vogue, HSE and Autobiography series..

From them I will take a closer look at MB GL 350 BlueTec and Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Vogue, which are my two favorites of these… I did a little research on these two models with the purpose in mind that it would be easy to compare them and their main features if having hard time on choosing between them.

MB GL 350 is more affordable than Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Vogue, and also powerful enough for my personal taste as well as enough accessorized (for my taste) – but those looking for more horsepower and extra features should choose GL 450 or GL500/550 if choosing MB. They will compete better with Range Rover, for what comes to power and accessories. BUT both are equally gorgeous for what comes to the looks department …

Halloween Fun For Kids

Halloween treats, decoration and costumes for kids………..

Halloween’s a great party for kids and possibility to really spend time together as a family. Especially if you’re otherwise a busy parent, invest some time and effort to having fun time with your kids!

From this article you will find some fun, spooky and tasty recipes and treats that your kids will love to prepare, party ideas, easy-to-make decorations, cool costumes and more.

The delicacies are good for any adults’ parties too and for fun-loving grownups : ) I surely wouldn’t mind preparing these fun eatable creations to any of my parties (which only have adults…)

After the following treats and decoration, let’s check out some super fun children’s Halloween Costumes…. When you are preparing your kids for the trick or treats tour to the neighborhood and are running out of ideas, you will love these ideas.

The Season for Masquerade Balls…

It’s Time for Fabulous Masked Balls of Halloween

Halloween’s getting closer…. It’s one of my absolute favorite times of the year (as I love fall in general so much and the full of feeling dark nights…). I love everything about Halloween; the darkening fall nights, the “scary” mood, the atmospheric evenings, the parties, trick or treats, costumes, foods, candies, masked balls….. Scary movies… (Halloween-movie is my all-time favorite from all the scary movies) Everything.

Here are some hot ideas for adults’ Halloween Party…