The Last Queen Of France – Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette – A scandalous party queen – and also an extrovert social butterfly, a mother and a queen of fashion who loved enjoying life to the fullest

I wanted to write about Marie Antoinette now that it’s Halloween very soon. You can get inspiration from this article to arranging The Halloween Masquerade Ball of The Decade… (Just copy her style, taste, passions and attitude…)


She was known of her extravagant and very luxurious lifestyle, extrovert personality (she loved hanging out with her friends and having parties, while her husband, the king, did not so much), and, her love for fashion, enjoyments, indulgences, luxuries, parties and fun.

Marie Antoinette, who was born in November 2, 1755, was an Archduchess of Austria from 1755 to 1770 (this is the title she was born into), a Dauphine of France from 1770 to 1774 and the last Queen of France and of Navarre from 1774 to 1792.


She was the most scandalous party girl of her time no doubt about it – and also her extravagant taste in fashion created a style for whole new generations of young women to come. 

But she was also just a bubbling personality who loved social life, enjoying life … and also spending lovely time with her kids in her idyllic countryside cottage…

At first Marie Antoinette was a young girl who got married unwillingly to an equally young man, Louis XVI of France – both teenagers, who barely knew each other’s. Soon they were the teenage king and queen of France and lived in the magnificent palace of Versailles.

Their marriage was pretty loveless but they did enjoy life being royals and having everything they could ever want.

The royal couple lived in the magnificent palace of  Versailles, outside Paris.

Versailles is a huge palace with equally huge gardens, parks and lakes – and even countryside meadows and farm cottages are included in the palace’s area (made personally for Marie Antoinette as she wanted something idyllic and down to earth after having kids)

They were greatly loved and admired by the nation – maybe because they were so young and fresh, maybe because they represented hope and new times for the nation, maybe because they were beautiful and lived a fairytale life, maybe because they did something right… 

Marie Antoinette learned to love and enjoy the extravagant, luxurious lifestyle of royals. She loved hanging out with her like-minded friends and indulging herself with priceless luxury gowns and fabrics, fashion designs made for her, delicacies, desserts and fine cuisine, amazing jewelry, gorgeous shoes and spa-type of treatments.  She used to sleep long, sometimes till midday.

Most of all Marie Antoinette loved dressing her best and going out to social gatherings and parties of upper class, and, to depraved and wild masquerade parties…

She went to those parties without her husband, with her friends. Those masquerade parties of the upper class and royals that Marie Antoinette participated in, became famous nationwide for their sinful events, extravagant luxury, tables bending of delicacies, gourmet foods and champagne, indulgences and depraved, wild atmosphere (everything was allowed in those parties, including sexual encounters).

The masquerade parties were full of upper class dressed in most luxurious, gorgeous, imaginative and extravagant gowns and costumes, jewelry decorated masks and jewelry. They were thrown in Opera Hall of Paris – the gorgeous “cream cake” building in middle of the city. The Opera Hall was luxuriously decorated with gold and velvet, chandeliers, candles, champagne fountains, tons of delicious foods, desserts, candies and cakes, and, amazing-looking people who just wanted to let it loose and get a little crazy, have intimate encounters and drink, eat and party like crazy…

There was music, fun, sinful secret encounters and people having the time of their lives.

Marie Antoinette was one of them. She thought she was in safe and unrecognizable with her mask, but she was too stunning not to be recognized. She was said to have intimate encounters in those parties, and for sure she had at least one lover, a Swedish aristocrat, that she met in those parties.

Even the champagne glasses that they started using in these parties and built gorgeous champagne fountains from them – were created based on the looks of her breasts. (She had very giving, sexy gowns.)


The other important role and love for Marie Antoinette was her kids.

The young king and queen had a loveless, non-passionate marriage, regardless that Marie Antoinette got really worried of not having the kids she was expected to have, and doing everything she could to seduce her husband more. Ultimately they did get pregnant after serious discussions from the queen’s family. After their first child, Marie Therese Charlotte de Bourbon, they got yet 2 boys and 1 girl, altogether 4 kids.

After they got their first child, Marie Antoinette’s most important role and love of her life was her daughter – and when they got more kids, she mostly dedicated her time to them and being with them.

Especially she loved to spend time in the luxury countryside cottage (nearby the palace) with her kids. She did have parties then too and met with her lover but mostly she was with her kids.

Family life and kids may have calmed down the queen but she with her husband still loved luxuries and extravagant lifestyle so much that it ultimately started to turn against them in a poor nation. Marie Antoinette also continued her luxury lifestyle of leisure and indulgences and occasional partying and the depraved masquerade parties, which was another reason why the nation turned against her. In that sense times have certainly not changed.


There was then, and still is very much growingly I think, jealousy and that needy thinking of blaming others for your destiny, poor living and obstacles like you couldn’t take responsibility of your own life. So the nation of France turned against them slowly but certainly – mostly, if not solely, because of their lifestyle.

They spent too much money and had too luxurious lifestyle in a poor nation. Marie Antoinette’s wild partying habits and masquerade balls caused a lot of hate too and the people really started hating her, when they previously had admired and loved her.

Ultimately this fact cost both of them their lives.

When the actual revolution happened, the royal family escaped from Versailles in middle of night because of the rage of the huge masses of people that were right outside the palace. Ultimately the masses took over the palace.

Later they got caught on and imprisoned.

Both of them were beheaded – first the king, and, later Marie Antoinette after public humiliation.

She would have wanted to wear some of her fine gowns during execution, and also during her prison time , but she couldn’t as she was forced to wear a poor woman’s, a maid’s,  dress at all times.


Marie Antoinette’s destiny was completely and utterly unfair (as was the one of her husband’s too).

Basically she lost (and her husband too) her life because of her lifestyle and love of luxuries. They spent money all right. But can you blame them…? They didn’t alone drive the nation to bankruptcy.

Can you imagine what this could mean in today’s world..?

You would get executed for spending too much money and loving too much luxuries when most of the people in your country are poor or middle class. They would basically blame YOU of their issues and the nation’s problems publicly. I’m so glad people have come to at least some sense over these two centuries regarding this (but lost much more sense in so many other things…)


To me she’s a great inspiration from the past times – on how to really live your life (based on the fact that you MAY have only one life to live – so live it to the fullest!); Marie Antoinette was a woman who enjoyed life, and lived her life, to the fullest, proudly and “without shame” regardless that she irritated a lot of people.

Even before her execution she said her famous line “Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?”

What bad did she honestly do? NOTHING.

..Nothing except spending money and living a little too extravagant lifestyle that would have suited to the nation’s taste!

But for one – she didn’t murder anyone, nor was her husband too bloodthirsty either.

For an example, let’s compare her to one equally very famous Queen, who lived about 200 years prior to Marie Antoinette, Mary I – The Queen Of England, also known as Bloody Mary (yeah those urban legends of “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary..” have been created based on her..);

This Queen perhaps did not spend money, dwell on luxuries and party and enjoy life as much as Marie and thus she didnt irritate tons of people. BUT she was cruel, mean, scary, unattractive  – and a mass murderer. People were scared because of her. She was said to have bathed in blood of the young women she murdered because it was good for her skin – now if that’s true it means she was a fuc…ng psycho.

Is that more acceptable somehow..?


Surviving in The Wilderness… after getting completely lost.

Beautiful fall time is here again, at least in this part of the planet…

One of the most amazing things to do right now, is go hiking to the magnificent nature, to wilderness, and just enjoy the beautiful views, pristine nature, colors, fresh air, the sometimes warm but usually little chilly and crisp fall sunshine…

Fall is very inspiring and magical time, very atmospheric time, and most of all, perfect for outdoor recreation and wilderness adventures. The weather’s not too hot, but at its best can be fresh and nicely warm and ideal for hiking and walking. The colors of the nature are mesmerizing, the landscapes awe-inspiring. The irritating injects are gone…

So you decide to have a wilderness adventure for a long day from early morning till as late evening as you can before it becomes dark, or, even for two days, or perhaps for a long weekend. You decide to go hiking to some beautiful mountainous wilderness forests by yourself, or with your loved one or a friend.

Is there anything more adventurous and romantic than to go hiking for example to magnificent mountain forests with your loved one for a day or two in fantastically beautiful fall weather…? No there’s not – that’s one of the most romantic and exciting experiences you two can share.

Or.. is there anything more relaxing and inspiring than to take a whole day off just by yourself and go hiking to wilderness for a long day from morning till evening…?

So you pack your things and start your adventure in one sunny, crisp Friday or Saturday morning.

BUT what happens when you go out there, have amazing time, AND, get completely lost by the end of the day..? Or something else happens…?

Anything can happen to anyone when going hiking to large forest areas, mountains and complete wilderness, even if you are somewhat experienced, are pretty familiar with the area, or go there just for a one day’s outdoor recreation.

It can also happen if you go there with someone else instead of going alone (don’t think you can’t get lost if you’re there with your loved one and feel safe..!).

Perhaps you plan a one-day relaxing hike in a large forest area you hiked in before and feel that one bottle of water and an energy bar is enough.

The weather is fine and heavy clothes would be a burden. You decide not to take your survival kit with you. You go hiking and enjoy every moment…

At some point, you step out of the marked routea little, just to see that gorgeous mountain better you just noticed… You hike a little in the forest and admire the views with full focus.

And by the end of the day, you’re completely lost…It’s also getting dark fast. You start feeling cold and become slowly more and more scared. Before you know the sun has set and it’s dark and there you are in some mountainous forest area and have no idea where you are.

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