The last sunny and snowy days in Southern Lapland before the snow starts melting…

The sunny time of Mid-March, enjoying the last days with huge drifts of bright white and light snow, snowy trees and warm sun shine, is something that certainly recharges your batteries and makes you feel GOOOOD.

 Anyone should do this at least once in their lifetime; visit Lapland during March, or in the early April during easter time.  I just came to Syöte which is in Northern Finland, to enjoy some luxury time by myself for a few days in our family’s winter holiday house.

This area has been under development and has grown in popularity a LOT in the past gone years. Lots of developments going on; 5-star golf course coming up, new reservoir for recreation and fishing that will be fully ready by the coming summer, lots of new amenities and house developments and properties for sale and under development. This skiing resort (actually 2 skiing resorts) and whole area have been dear to me since early childhood, so it has grown to have a very special place in my heart and it really makes me happy to see all this development. I want this area to do well!

The only thing I’ve noticed is that as they have all these absolutely gorgeous all-ready-made properties for sale in this area, why don’t they market them more and get them sold faster! When you’ve got something totally unique to offer to the right people who will love it as long as they hear about it – you need to show it to them more aggressively!

And the other thing, which I noticed just yesterday.. As I walked the 9 kilometer walk from top of Iso-Syöte to Pikku-Syöte (the 2 skiing resorts in the area) and back to our holiday house, I saw all these great-looking brand new, modern log houses here and there, some of them were in absolutely stunning places on the edge of the fell and facing all these amazing views down to the valleys and other fells.. But all of them were made from traditional log, and most of them were painted silvery grey or dark grey, I saw none in their original color actually. Yes that’s nice too..

BUT the only way to go in Lapland is to make your house from this silver grey “dead standing tree”. It develops into this stage when the  up to 100’s of years of old pinetrees die standing, get dry and become shiny silvery in their color. It’s stunning looking log – all silvery. Our holiday house is made from it and some other houses too in this area. Also all the houses on top of Iso Syöte fell are made from it (and there are some gorgeous houses standing on the edge and facing all the views), and the houses of one other holiday village in the area too. But that’s about it… I don’t know why they haven’t nowadays built more houses from this silvery “dead” pinewood. I know it’s expensive today, compared to what it was for example 20 years ago, but still. More than anything it’s a great investment as once your house is made from this type of log, its value will just rise during the years. The value of these silvery logs gets just higher and higher when years pass by, it’s already gotten a lot higher in the past gone 20 years. The houses that have been made from it years ago, have been probablydoubled or tripled in their value by today, but most likely more.

There’s something that distinguishes Syöte from other skiing resorts in Finland and actually anywhere in the Scandinavia..

It’s the peaceful and quiet gorgeous nature that surrounds you from everywhere like in no other place in Lapland or Northern Finland. The other popular and big skiing resorts are great and beautiful places too, but they become like busy cities during winter and fall season, lots of people and noise everywhere and lots of the people party like crazy… Yeah, it’s great too and the wild after ski parties are awesome but if you want to get absorbed just in the beautiful, quiet nature and not be surrounded by 1000’s of people – then Syöte is the choice. Still Syöte has good nightlife too, especially in high season like New Year and Easter but it’s not all about partying.. In here it’s most of all about the quiet and gorgeous nature. And another fact is that this is the place that somehow gets the biggest amounts of snow each year in Finland.

Sometimes it’s all you need to relax fully and charge your batteries and get your creative juices flowing again and your mind and imagination working exceptionally well; just gorgeous nature everywhere and some peace and quiet. As long as you still have the amenities you need and good grocery store, restaurants, cafeterias etc other typical skiing resort services close to you. Sometimes you really don’t need to party like crazy or see other people everywhere, or see some massive hotel units or 3-store night clubs here and there. I especially appreciate the quiet surroundings of our log house; this is all private and the beautiful northern forest surrounds the yard from everywhere, neighbors are there, but they’re not too close.

What I notice is that the mind starts to get more creative, ideas pop up more, plans get clearer and more certain, writing, planning, functioning and working are more effective, ability to focus is better, and you feel excited, eager, more productive and energetic just because you were in a 9 – kilometer walk between the two skiing resorts in the area and could just absorb the sun shine and snowy views inside you from that walk alone. Most of all you can just feel how you relax… It’s an awesome feeling after having on-going rush and complicated projects under work!

Then you can go skiing, snow boarding, walking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing to the surrounding forests and hills. Especially snow shoeing is so relaxing; you can go anywhere in the white powder snow and get in touch with the nature. And it’s some super effective exercising, especially if you go up to a steep hillside. Actually now it’s almost so warm in the sunshine that you can go there with  a tshirt … You can take a backpack, some hot cocoa, coffee, juice or water and go do some tough but super relaxing exercising in midst of gorgeous snowy nature.

I will go do that just after finishing this in fact. And I will also need to go check out what happened outside as there was this very loud rumble-like voice … Maybe something fell from the sky to the roof – it certainly did sound like that…. : )  (There are lots of UFO observations in this area that have been made since 70’s…! I wish I could see something unusual too, so far haven’t but I’ll keep my eyes opened)

So yes this kind of awesome, short vacation is worth of trying when you wanna relax, feel good and energetic and get more productive, effective and creative! Try some peace and quiet, gorgeous nature, outdoor activities and luxury me-time for a couple of days at least!



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