The Original New York Times Articles Of The Titanic

An interesting collection book of the original articles about Titanic maiden voyage and disaster from spring and summer 1912

This book is a collection of all the newspaper articles that were published in 1912 on Titanic’s disaster, starting from April 10, 1912 when the newspapers wrote about the maiden voyage of the ship. The newspaper articles are in their original forms – large, sharp images of the original articles so it seems very interesting.

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The articles  are all from New York Times and they show the reader a real, original account of the events as they unfolded and more and more information was found out. There are lots of articles on the disaster, including the very first breaking news story, and several articles on the survivors that were rescued by Carpathia. The information changed as the situation and what had happened got clearer over days and weeks.

One interesting article was one in May which had the famous picture of the suspected iceberg that was Titanic’s fate. After that came a news story about the final telegrams of the passengers. There are several articles throughout the spring and summer about the disaster as more information came up. Last one of the articles was the one from August 15th 1912 when the newspaper wrote about John Jacob Astor’s young widow gave birth to their son.

Altogether 79 pages of these original historical articles – crystal clear copies of them. This seems to be interesting document about the actual events when they took place 100 years ago.

I’m not affiliated with in anyway but as I’m very interested in the Titanic disaster –  I needed to post a short article about this!


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