The Walking Dead is a captivating TV series…

The Walking Dead – Absolutely excellent TV series!

In The Walking Dead the storyline is in its start similar to the one of “28 Days Later” (one of my favorite scary movies of all times).  One of the leading characters of the series, a police officer Rick Grimes is involved in a shooting incident with his best friend a fellow police officer Shane Walsh. As the result Rick gets shot at and taken to emergency and ultimately falls into coma for several weeks. As he wakes up in his hospital room from the coma after many, many weeks, the first thing he notices are the dead and dried flowers in the table nearby the bed which become almost dust when he touches them, next he notices that no one comes to help when he needs help. And so he gets up somehow and leaves the room and is able to see the situation with his own eyes for the first time; the abandoned hospital, no one around anywhere, everything messed up, blood everywhere, dead bodies, and finally the locked doors with the warning “don’t open dead inside”. He hears these scary inhumane voices from behind the door and sees a white hand trying to get it opened. And then he escapes outside only to find out that the complete disorder and terror continues even worse there; dead bodies everywhere, no one alive anywhere, everything abandoned and in complete disorder and messed up and he’s completely and utterly alone and doesn’t have a glue of what’s going on or what has happened to his wife and son…

From there the story begins and lasts for at least 3 seasons and dozens of episodes. It’s basically a five star survivor story of one man, his family and group of new survivor friends in middle of most terrible, inhuman situation.

It’s a scientifically studied fact that when people watch scary movies, or in this case, scary tv series, they get a rush of adrenalin pretty much like they were living that situation too. And the better quality the movie or episode is, and the more they can relate to it and literally “live” it and step inside it, the bigger rush of adrenalin is they get from watching it. This can be addicting just like dope.

That’s why we loooove scary movies…. (Most of the people that is, not all)

And this is why it feels so homey to watch a scary movie at home especially when it’s rainy, stormy and dark, eat candies or popcorn and cuddle with your loved one while watching it. (But also when it’s a warm and sunny summer evening….)You get this adrenalin rush because of watching scary stuff, paranormal unexplained events and catastrophes and people surviving in midst of some terrible events and you can literally “live” that situation too, BUT, you can do it from the safety of your cozy and soft divan sofa or bed or large easy chair.

With The Walking Dead, you could only focus on watching the zombies, or walkers how they call them in series, and how the people survive and how things develop – OR you could ALSO watch and learn a lot from bizarre human behavior in catastrophic situation. And this is the same thing with all the best zombie movies that have come out in the past gone years or decades. Such as the George Romero’s movies.

That’s what it is in real world too; many of us start behaving in bizarre ways once facing an unbearable situation. So maybe, just maybe we can learn something from these movies too.

It’s always the same thing, both in movies and real life; It’s the law of jungle basically and strongest persons survive (and especially I mean here the ones with strongest mindsets).

I’m a big fan of scary movies, a passionate fan. Especially of the best zombie movies, “group of young people on a road trip and getting into big trouble” type of scary movies and the famous scary movies of 70’s and 80’s. BUT that alone is not the reason why I find this series so freakin good. The biggest reason probably is that it FEELS so real. And it is actually so captivating that once you start watching it, you can’t stop.

They have managed to shoot a tv series that feels REAL and something that you can fully relate to and which is so captivating you literally jump into it.

And that is why it is so enjoyable and captivating to watch. The scary movies that focus on catastrophic situations where a small group of people tries to survive in middle of horrible events, like zombie movies, are the best as they’re just so … compelling, make you almost step inside the screen.

I enjoy watching The Walking Dead also because it teaches you a lot about making high quality entertainment both for television and movie screens. High quality tv and movie entertainment means it has excellent script that can be turned into lively, compelling, captivating and so real events on the screen that you as a watcher can literally jump inside the events and live them and get so absorbed in it that you can forget anything else and can’t even hear what’s going on around you. So to do this you need also an excellent director and excellent, natural actors as well… A sign of a good movie or tv series is that you as a watcher get so absorbed in it and focused on it that you forget the outside world, and afterwards have this special feeling and mood what you can only get by watching good entertainment.  AND high quality entertainment is also shot all in real environment instead of studio and has full, perfect color world, even little exaggerated colors. I don’t like those boring, “greyish” color worlds.

The Walking Dead is based on a comic book by the way (but if you’re a fan you probably know it already).

So if you love scary movies and for some reason haven’t watched this series – I’d suggest you to get the dvd boxes for the 1. and 2. seasons and watch them alone or in good company when you have the next couple of free days at sight….. The season 3 premiers in fall 2012.


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