Two Great SUVs

The two sexiest SUVs in the world; Mercedes Benz GL  &  Range Rover

Two SUVs that have all the latest features to make them considered luxury, and, most importantly, the strong, powerful, fabulous looks, are the Mercedes-Benz GL series and Range Rover Vogue, HSE and Autobiography series..

From them I will take a closer look at MB GL 350 BlueTec and Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Vogue, which are my two favorites of these… I did a little research on these two models with the purpose in mind that it would be easy to compare them and their main features if having hard time on choosing between them.

MB GL 350 is more affordable than Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Vogue, and also powerful enough for my personal taste as well as enough accessorized (for my taste) – but those looking for more horsepower and extra features should choose GL 450 or GL500/550 if choosing MB. They will compete better with Range Rover, for what comes to power and accessories. BUT both are equally gorgeous for what comes to the looks department …

Mercedes-Benz GL 350 BlueTec

Mercedes-Benz GL is Mercedes’ largest luxury SUV. The GL Class offers lots of cargo space and three rows of seating. This car is perfect for those who are looking for a full-size luxury SUV that has sophisticated manners on the street, yet is perfect for towing or off-road also – additionally it’s also a powerful car. It offers spectacular on-the-road comfort at a value for what you get.

The looks is elegant, powerful and streamlined – the newest models are clearly more streamlined than for example a couple of years old models. They cabins are luxurious, and there’s roomy seating, and powerful engines. And naturally the image…

Add some luxury accessories such as the lighting and wheel packages and you’ve got a gem at your hands.

Currently you can buy the Mercedes-Benz GL in three varieties and they are: the GL350 Bluetec, the GL450 and the ultimate GL500 / 550 (U.S). If you go all out and get the GL500/550 you will be getting an even more powerful V8 engine, many of the lesser models’ features as standard ones, and a front grille that is more pronounced.

The GL350 Bluetec is powered by clean-burning diesel while the GL450 features a V8 motor that is gas powered; however in terms of equipment and looks these models are almost identical.

Every GL model has generous seating that has room for as many as seven passengers, all-weather performance that is capable, a spacious cargo area, and the capacity to tow many types of accessories; although it is worth mentioning that they have a harder time towing some items than other rival vehicles.

Main standard features include a third-row seat that is power-folding, heated and powered front seats, and a dual-zone automatic climate control setting, excellent sound system, and standard colors and upholstery options (but regardless of being standard, there are still plenty of options in them).

Luxurious additional features and accessories include; special metallic colors, several elegant special options for upholstery and exterior design, 19-inch 5-twin spoke wheel, wheel hub inserts, tire valve stem caps, chrome hood fins,  roof rack basic carrier,  iPad® docking station, portable rear-seat entertainment system, accessory rear-seat entertainment system and cargo area tray, many special packages such Premium 1 and 2, Parking Assist Package, Lighting Package, Driver Assistance Package and more.

You can also opt to purchase a navigation system that is hard-drive based.

The measures of GL 350 Bluetec are; length ; 5.120 m, width;  front,1.934 m back 2.141 m, height; 1.850 m.

Under the hood of a GL450 you will find a 4.7 liter V8 motor that creates 339 pound feet of torque and has 335 horsepower. The top-of-the-line GL500/550 comes standard with a V8 motor that is 5.5 liter and produces 391 pound feet of torque and 382 horsepower.

For those who choose to “go green”, the GL350 Bluetec is the model for you because it features a 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel that produces 400 pound feet of torque and 210 horsepower.

The power offered by this model is very well suited to fit such a big SUV, and the diesel feature will give you great gas mileage.

Every GL model will come equipped with a transmission that is seven-speed automatic with a manual shift control. Additionally these SUVs come with all-wheel drive and air-adjustable suspension.

The prices are as follows:

– GL350 Bluetec – $63,305 up to $87,500,

– GL450 – $64,805 up to $94,265,

– GL500/550 – $87,805 up to $108,380


Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Vogue

So now let’s discuss the ever-popular Range Rover and its 4.4 TDV8 model.

These vehicles range in price from $107, 377 for a base level Vogue all the way up to $129,480 for a top-of-the-line one.

The newest model features the all-new turbo diesel 4.4 liter V8 with a newly designed eight-speed automatic ZF gearbox. This model is not only faster, but is also greener.

In fact, even though the car industry is in a rush to cut C02 like never before, power and performance have not been affected. The Range Rover is not an exception to this rule because the horsepower actually rises from 309 up to 368 and torque goes from 472 up to 516 pound feet of torque. At the same time, the C02 levels fall from 294g/km down to 253g/km.

This is a saving in itself as it can reduce your first year’s taxes, and a tenner a year following the first. Additionally, the turbo diesel engine makes the mile-per-gallon rise from 25 up to 30 mpg.

In terms of how the vehicle drives, it drives quite well. In fact, it remains peerlessly comfortable, and is the antithesis of sporty, yet brilliant. You may notice the ride feels a bit pushier in this model than past models. In addition, it is very noticeable that the body has better control as the front end grip is strengthened.

The engine in the Range Rover 4.4TDV8 is much smoother and quieter than its predecessor. Additionally, the extra capacity makes the vehicle feel much better and healthier to shrug off a rather obscene kerbweight of 2800kg.

The most noticeable upgraded features are lockable differentials, a low range gearbox, and height-adjustable suspension.

Unlike the Mercedes GL class models the Range Rover only has seating for five people.

This vehicle is the ultimate luxury SUV as it features loads of performance and a gorgeous cabin that is furnished with wood and leather. The body itself is gorgeously chiseled and stands out on the streets as it yells luxury and function.

You will love to admire the new Vogue as it features a newly designed grille and wheel patterns. However, the best feature is the turbo diesel motor that was created solely by Land Rover and Jaguar. In addition, it is combined with a sequential eight-speed automatic transmission to blend economy with performance; this creates a perfect mix!

The main standard features include several beautiful color choices and upholstery options. Actually many advanced features come as standard such as the V8 engine and leather seats, real wood veneer trim and excellent entertainment system. Exterior parts include Santorini Black grille, body colored side grillesxenon headlamps and more.

If you are a rural driver you will enjoy the adaptive suspension (not available on the base model).

Furthermore, each Range Rover Vogue features sets of cameras to aid in parking to help improve pedestrian safety.

The additional luxury accessories and features include several systems for wheels such as snow traction system, Range Rover center caps and Range Rover tire valve caps, premium interior accessories and luxury interior design packs, special upholstery, illuminated treadplates, vision assist pack, premium carpet mats, rear-seat entertainment, audio system, special exterior accessories such as side protection tubes, bright finish power vents, bright finish mirror caps, exterior design pack, special metallic colors, and so on.

The measures of Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 are; length; 4.999 m, width; 2.073 m exc. mirrors,  height; 1.835 m.


Trying to decide whether to purchase a Mercedes-Benz GL350 Bluetec (or 450 or 550), or a Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 …? You may find it a tough decision

Aside from the manufacturer, horse power, engine and price only couple of features set these two vehicles apart. Your choice will most likely boil down to which one is the most visually appealing for you and comes with the most appealing features.

What comes to the horsepower and engine, in Mercedes-Benz GL350 Bluetec it’s only 210 and V6 while in Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 it’s well over 300 and V8 – that’s one of the biggest differences between the main features of these two cars. However, if you choose MB GL 450 or 550, you’ve already eliminated the difference.

I’m not so sure anymore which is better visually; the only thing in MB GL series that is a little minus to me is that the car looks a bit long, while Range Rover does not. (But if comparing their measures, the difference is not that big, some centimeters only) But other than that – both are equally good with the looks department.

Difficult choice….



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